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Get ready for the Sweet 16 with March Sadness!

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz gives another update on our March Sadness bracket.

March Madness resumes on Thursday in Las Vegas and New York City, so The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz wanted to give one last update on its March Sadness brackets before the Sweet 16 got underway.

FAU surprisingly remains in the tournament and so does this #lookslike — Andrew Luck looks like he’s switched from coffee to a mushroom-based tea and it's already changed his life for the better (although the next matchup will be a slobber knocker against the #lookslike “Stone Cold” Dan Campbell). Of course, FAU beat Fairleigh Dickinson to advance to the Sweet 16, which means they beat this #lookslike — Mike McDaniel looks like a college student on a full ride scholarship for Esports. What a run!

In the West region, UCLA is still dancing, so that means this #lookslike is also still alive — Mike Budenholzer looks like the high school geometry teacher who has just realized he pooped himself in front of the class and will now forever be known as Mr. Poopenholzer. Yes, that’s right, Poopenholzer. Don’t let yourself get distracted by Amin’s Johnny Most “impression” (as Stugotz points out, it’s rough on the voice).

One of the teams UCLA beat en route to the Sweet 16 was UNC Asheville. Sot that means while the real Jim Larrañaga and the Miami Hurricanes are alive this #lookslike is not — Jim Larrañaga looks like he just raised his hand at the Genius Bar and asked how to Twitter something from his iPod. Also eliminated in the West is No. 10 Boise State and unfortunately, that means this apt #lookslike is out — Daniel Jones looks like the blank template for a human being.

Still alive in the West is No. 3 Gonzaga along with this #lookslike — Lamelo Ball looks like the kid in a Mountain Dew commercial that is amazed his grandmother can skateboard after one sip of Code Red. Dan, for one, is glad that one is still alive. No. 11 TCU being out also eliminated this #lookslike and led us down a path to a long story that Jessica didn’t want to get into (let’s just say it involves those annoying toe socks and pilates and ends with Mike playing the “White Woman” drop ) — Neil Everett looks like your buddy who moved to Denver and wears those shoes with the individual toes.

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Meanwhile on Thursday’s show, in the aftermath of Gisele’s interview in Vanity Fair the show tackles the tough questions: Is Gisele really a witch?

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.



  • It’s the David Samson Local Hour. We cover the details of the ballpark David built as Marlins Team President here in Miami, the World Baseball Classic, bullpen distractions, and more before we get to a ***special announcement***. Then, both the Panthers and the Heat are making runs toward the playoffs. We check in with Roy on the Panthers and Amin and Jeremy on the Heat before Mike Ryan tells us which UM basketball team is more likely to win and why the Women’s program can be sustainable.

The Big Suey: Tony Doesn’t Trust Horses

  • Tony tells us an unbelievable story from an experience on a horse in the Dominican Republic, and he and Mike Ryan bond over mutual trauma. Mike Schur is here for his Stat of the Day. Plus, Dean Cain killed “Superman” and Mike Ryan was styled by his Mexican friend, Chase.

Hour 1: Officiating Armageddon

  • Le Batard and the crew discuss the state of NBA officiating with Tom Haberstroh, we update our March Sadness tournament, and Ariel Helwani forces his way on the show to complain about David Samson joining Meadowlark.

Hour 2: Gisele Is A Good Witch

  • Michelle Ruiz of Vanity Fair joins us to discuss her latest story on Gisele Bündchen, Gisele’s relationship dynamics with Tom Brady, her “rebirth,” and whether or not she is indeed a witch. Then, after Mike Ryan roasts Billy Corben over UM basketball success, Billy is joined by Dan and Papi to discuss the recent protests over the Cuban team playing in the World Baseball Classic in Miami. Plus, Ricky Williams speaks about Lamar Jackson and Ja Morant before bringing things full circle and reading Gisele’s chart.

Postgame Show: Thursday Thunder

  • Tony has the audience covered on this week’s Thursday Thunder!

Watch more below!


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