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Did J.T. Realmuto get ejected on purpose?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Phillies catcher’s bizarre ejection from a Spring Training game on Monday.

J.T. Realmuto got tossed from a Spring Training game on Monday ... and it got people talking, including The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

Dan starts by pointing out the oft-debated robot umpire would never do to Realmuto what happened on Monday vs. the Blue Jays. Although, it could be argued that the umpire did Realmuto a favor by letting him get out of the Florida heat.

Stugotz being Stugotz, of course, had a different take — was Realmuto actually playing a game of cat and mouse with the ump? The rest of the crew points out that Realmuto has a reputation for being a professional, so it would be out of character for him to look to get tossed.

Chris Cote does note that Realmuto almost looks like he’s smirking a bit, perhaps lending some credence to Stugotz’s position. So was Stugotz correct even if he wasn’t sure he was using cat and mouse correctly?

Chris, however, makes a solid point — did the umpire overreact and upon getting an explanation from Realmuto immediately regret tossing him but couldn't take it back? Dan is immediately on board, noting that not only could the ump not take it back and admit he was wrong, but rather had to double down.

Billy takes this as an opportunity to lament the fact that thanks to replay and almost immediate ejections, the game of baseball has lost the performance art of managers running on the field a la Lou Piniella and making a scene. And if you need a refresher of some of Sweet Lou’s antics, enjoy.

Meanwhile, speaking of arguments, Dan continued to embrace the debate with Stephen A. Smith after his appearance on the South Beach Sessions on Friday.

Check out the breakdown of Monday’s show below.


Local Hour: Get Off My Plane

  • There’s a competition for the EP position with the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, and Chris Cote is in the driver’s seat today. Billy and Stu tease the potential of God Bless Baseball with Joba Chamberlain and the reasons it likely won’t happen. Dan is “walking on air” over UM’s basketball success, and we speak with head coach Katie Meier about the success of the Women’s team.

The Big Suey: Bishop To Rook 10

  • Greg and Stu were in peak form before our Katie Meier interview, and Billy has the full details of what went down. Chris Cote is still planning to use a ladder to get himself into a large event, and now he wants to make his own concessions, too. Plus, Billy pitches a Back in my Day to Greg, JT Realmuto’s incident with an umpire, and Ron Magill joins the show!

Hour 1: Nashville

  • Dan and the crew address the school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee. Then, the internet believes Dan and Stephen A. are feuding, and Dan doesn’t seem to understand his role in ruining sports television. Plus, Mike Schur doesn’t want to antagonize David Samson, and Bill Belichick might decide to ruin fun.

Hour 2: Top 5 Harmful Things Stugotz Has Done To His Body

  • We kick off Hour 2 by updating the March Sadness tournament. Stugotz finally gives us his Top 5 Harmful Things He Has Done To His Body Back In His 20s, and we get to Gwyneth Paltrow’s time in court. Plus, life is luck, the ballecular region, the cadillac of whatever that’s called, and more.

Postgame Show: Jer Bear Is Embarrassingly White

  • The “White Guys” sounder is out in full force as Jeremy has a list of his Top 5 favorite bands and is embarrassed by how white his list is.

Watch more below!


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