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What are the most wearable sports jerseys?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Amin’s take on the top 5 wearable jerseys, plus Domonique Foxworth joins the show IN STUDIO!

Amin, despite all the interruptions, was looking to give some fashion advice in revealing his top 5 jerseys you can wear on Thursday’s Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

Ranking No. 5 was basketball jerseys. Downsides: You have to be in shape, you have to potentially have some cool tats. Most people wear it with a T-shirt underneath, which isn’t great and there’s nothing worse than the Wall Street bro look of wearing a jersey with a button down underneath. It’s just a hard jersey to wear. It should be noted that when asked if Dan had ever pulled that last one, he pretended he hadn't been listening.

The football jersey came in at No. 4. It can be worn easily enough to games, Amin argues, but going out and about it becomes cumbersome. Also, part of the big gap between the bottom two and top three is that with basketball and football jerseys you have to get one with someone’s name on the back which can create some awkward situations — like Amin buying a Plaxico Burress jersey just weeks before the infamous incident where he accidentally shot himself (which Jessica knows the story of, thank you very much).

The hockey jersey was No. 3 and Amin actually thinks the hockey jersey is very wearable, especially if you live someplace where it’s cold. He agrees with Jessica that the hoodie under the hockey jersey is a great move, but it has to be a thinner hockey jersey — you don’t want to get overheated when you’re pushing a cart and picking out just the right cantaloupe. Notably, he hockey jersey is the first on the list that does not require a name and number on the back. Also, shout out to the Charlotte Hornets’ merchandise department from the 1990s because they were on point.

No. 2 was the baseball jersey, which Amin says is a great look when it’s a well-fitting baseball jersey, especially if you have a chain on. Tony does note, however, that you have to have a good chest if you’re going to do that.

However, the No. 1. in a runaway, is the soccer jersey. No name, no number, no problem. Amin says you don’t even need to know what team it is! It’s all about the colors and the sponsors.

Meanwhile, Domonique Foxworth was in studio today, as seen in the above segment, and his self-confidence was on full display. He wasn’t taking any guff from anyone, including Dan. And that’s the bottom line ...

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.


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Hour 1: Something Personal

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Watch more below!


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