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Is Draymond Green the most polarizing athlete in sports?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Draymond Green’s behavior in Game 2 vs. the Kings.

Draymond Green became the story of the Warriors’ Game 2 loss to the Kings after he stomped Domantas Sabonis and the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had some thoughts.

Dan noted that Draymond basically went full wrestling heel in how much he enjoyed baiting the crowd for a reaction after being ejected. Dan notes that Draymond enjoys, and in some ways perhaps, needs conflict. Dan enjoyed the theater of it, but notes that Stugotz is tired of it.

Stugotz notes that it’s the same move from Draymond every time — getting his team fired up after falling behind in a series. Dan pushes back that Draymond’s teammates would say that Green is the soul of that team, even if they may on some level be tired of him. Dan admits that sometimes winning makes people tired of each other, at least when it comes to basketball and Draymond burns so bright that everyone may eventually get annoyed with him. Dan also notes that he’s never seen another player willing to throw away PLAYOFF games with his emotions and it’s one of the things that make him one of the most polarizing athletes in all of sports.

Amin harkens back to a Mike Tyson quote — it’s like fire, if you can control it, it can cook for you, heat your home. If you can’t control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you. Amin notes that’s what happened in Game 2 as the Warriors had a chance to win the game, but once he stomped Sabonis that chance was gone. Similarly, in 2016 the Warriors had the chance to win another title and he burned it down. In many ways, Amin says, that’s the cost of doing business with Draymond. He’s going to be responsible for a lot of success, but about 5 percent of the time he’s going to wreck everything. Amin says the Warriors will say all the right things, but the reality is that they had a chance to win and he deep-sixed it for the dumbest of reasons.

Dan asks for a comp for Draymond, since he can’t think of someone likely bound for the Hall of Fame who occasionally also loses control at the worst possible time. Mike throws out Nick Kyrgios, but while Dan agrees to a point he also says Kyrgios is not as good as Draymond. While Mike argues that Kyrgios is top 5 at what he does while Draymond is perhaps top 5 defensively but not overall. Dan retorts that an individual sport is also different in that you’re only hurting yourself, you don’t have to walk into a locker room where you just cost a bunch of people who are trying to win a road playoff game.

Amin says he doesn’t have a problem with Draymond getting into it with the crowd, he has a problem with him almost glossing over him costing the team the game. There’s no remorse in costing the Warriors the game. Mike points out that the Warriors are no longer the team they used to be and cannot survive just giving games away.

Amin says the difference between Draymond and Dennis Rodman is that Rodman would incite this type of reaction in his opponent, pushing them to the brink and not falling prey to it himself.

Meanwhile, this also happened in the new studio yesterday ...

Check out the breakdown of Tuesday’s show below.


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