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Is Dillon Brooks a true pro wrestling heel or just a pretender?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz debates whether or not Brooks and his trash talk should be taken seriously.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz moved on from all the Draymond Green drama to move on to a new subject. Dillon Brooks drama.

Of course, a famous quote comes to mind: You come at the King you best not miss. However, one of the first takeaways Pablo and Amin have is Brooks’ sartorial choices.

Amin points out that Brooks looked like one of the minions from Back to the Future. Pablo says that is apt, as Brooks looks like a bully from the future in his flannel kimono(?), with no shirt on underneath. The thickness and girth of his sunglasses are also extreme. It should also be noted that his chain game was also a highlight.

Amin says the idea that LeBron has reached a place where he’s dismissed as being “old” and now Brooks is the young “cool” guys has come up quick on us. Amin decided to go to the show’s expert on all things young and cool ... Tony?

Tony admits that there’s something he likes about Dillon Brooks — he’s the heel, he knows what he’s doing. Jessica, however, is quick to interject that there are actually TWO people in studio younger than Tony. In a bid to clap back, Tony points out that Jessica watches Columbo, which Jessica says Gen Z loves. Going back to his point, Tony says Brooks comes in like a classic pro wrestling heel and he likes that.

Pablo notes that Brooks came into prominence due to a beef with Draymond Green and he’s doing, in Draymond’s assessment, Draymond Green karaoke. Pablo does wonder if this all happens so often and so deliberately that it’s harder to move him. Does Dillon Brooks need to come stronger than calling LeBron old?

Amin does think that we’ve entered an era where guys like Brooks and Patrick Beverly talk trash that people don’t necessarily fear or even respect. He points out that this isn’t Gary Payton or Larry Bird. Pablo says if you’re going to make fun of LeBron, make fun of him for being corny on Instagram or the stuff that actually cuts a little closer to the bone as opposed to him being “old.” There’s just trash talk inflation — it’s just cheap and easy and everyone is doing it.

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.


Local Hour: The Red Shoes

  • Pablo and Amin are co-hosting the show today as we welcome David Samson for his usual Thursday Local Hour. The crew begins with the 4:45 a.m. test of an Emergency Alert System in Florida before exploiting David’s greatest fears. Plus, hating the new studio’s camera angles, panic rooms, nuclear holocausts, red shoes, and ham. Then, we get to the Heat’s blowout loss to the Bucks with not one but TWO ministers of Heat information as Parakeet Cortes flies in to show support.


  • There’s too much going on in the studio including a new Jess limited fake and replaying Jeremy’s “LET’S GO” over and over and over and over again. Then, why do we care so much about athletes playing video games? And are we going through a time of trash talk inflation like Dillon Brooks dissing LeBron? Plus, did Meadowlark Media influence the NBA Playoffs?

Hour 1: Jake Plummer, Live From The Stratosphere

  • Pablo, Amin, and the crew discusses the show’s world before The Clevelander and what the Shipping Container should be called now that we are in a new spacious studio. Then, Jake Plummer joins us for a special 4/20 edition of the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. Jake discusses growing up with alternative medicine, starting his own Mushroom farm, the mushroom queendom and its benefits, and so much more.

Hour 2: Mike Highs Time, Mike Highs Time

  • Mike Schur is here to discuss his Clayton Kershaw-themed Stat of the Day, SpaceX’s “most ambitious goals,” and why he believe Kawhi Leonard might be the greatest basketball player who ever lived. Then, it’s time for AGAINST! THE! SPREAD! before we dive deeper into Mike’s Kawhi claim. Plus, the show is going to have some new banned words and Jess has some questions.

Postgame Show: Gym Agnostic

  • It’s time for Thursday Thunder, and while the Shipping Container is ready to go worship at the Iron Temple, Pablo is gym agnostic.

Watch more below!


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