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Where does Jimmy Butler’s Game 4 performance rank in NBA Playoffs history?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Heat star’s unbelievable performance vs. the Bucks and his postseason excellence overall.

Jimmy Butler was HIMMY BUTLER on Monday night in a key Game 4 win over the Bucks and of course, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had to talk about it.

Dan admits that he has been confused by a number of players in his lifetime and Jimmy Butler is one of them. He keeps trying to understand how Butler can be as efficient as he is. As the only option for the Heat, he maximized his efficiency in an otherwordly performance vs. the Bucks. The efficiency is legitimacy confusing because Dan says you can’t tell him there aren’t 40 players in the NBA as athletic as him.

Pablo says Jimmy is the sort of player who validates cliches. He was playing like a gunslinger and daring defenders to stop what they knew was coming. Pablo says it’s Jimmy Butler playing Hero Ball in the age of spread offense, ball movement and analytics. That led Pablo to another bold statement ...

Dan points out that he doesn’t think that anybody thought Jimmy Butler would be this, that he would be putting up Shaq-level efficiency. Stugotz does say that Heat fans should be used to it by this point. But Dan pushes back because of the teammates Butler has around him on this Heat team. Dan says it doesn’t make sense that the Bucks’ size gave Bam Adebayo fits but that Jimmy Butler wouldn’t be having issues and would, in fact, be putting up efficiencies similar to Shaq’s.

Stugotz admits that Butler’s Game 4 performance was special, but says Butler has been great in the past four postseasons. Mike says this is at another level though given the fact that the Heat, with their injuries, have just six drafted players on their roster at the moment. It’s somewhat similar to LeBron carrying some bad Cavs teams, which Dan says he could understand because of just how physically dominant LeBron is.

Pablo says with Jimmy it’s not the physical, you have to celebrate what’s inside, the intangibles. Pablo says Jimmy Butler has backed into being the living embodiment of HEAT CULTURE. When it matters the most he is the best. Pablo says Heat fans are lucky to have backed into getting the perfect avatar for their BS.

Mike says one of the most impressive things is Butler did all he did with no help against a returning Giannis, against the best defense in the league and having to rally back as a No. 8 seed vs. a No. 1.

Tony also points out that Jimmy’s performance was Michael Jordan-esque, playing in the mid-range, with turnarounds, fadeaways and getting to his spots on the free throw line. Tony says that was a Michael Jordan performance and Dan compares it to MJ scoring 63 points vs. the Celtics in 1986 when Larry Bird compared him to God.

Meanwhile, Stugotz had some strong feelings about his Jets FINALLY acquiring Aaron Rodgers ...

Check out the breakdown of Tuesday’s show below.


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