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Is Trae Young sometimes too cold for his own good?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz breaks down Trae Young’s Game 5 performance vs. the Celtics and the “Trae Young problem.”

Trae Young was ice cold once again on Tuesday, lifting the Hawks to a comeback win in Boston over the Celtics and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had to break it down.

Young silenced the Boston crowd, hitting the game-winner over Jaylen Brown to force a Game 6 back in Atlanta (as well as the postponement of a Janet Jackson concert).

Pablo says everything we saw from Trae — the shiver, the Ice Trae — was everything that made him hate Trae Young when he was at the Garden doing it to the Knicks. Obviously, Trae Young, who Pablo points out, was basically shopped around by Hawks through proxies in the media, ends up being the guy with the clutch gene and a public peformer in a way that makes Pablo marvel at what actually makes athletes special.

David was slightly less in awe than Pablo, noting that the recency bias makes him smile. He says what Trae Young did is great video. He says that from the front office perspective, you’re looking at that show and saying “I knew it. We drafted this guy, we’re aware of what he does and we can’t change him and we’re going to live with him until we get rid of him.” David says he finds it to be so not compelling what he does at the end of a half or at the end of game because he can’t count on Trae to deliver a ring because of the way he is.

Pablo said he was fascinated by Quin Snyder basically admitting in the postgame that he knows Trae’s mindset and accepts that Trae Young — to both his credit and detriment — is going to be exactly what Trae Young is. He wants to take the shot, he can hit the shot, he has missed a lot of those shots in the regular season. But now we’re realizing that there is something special when a guy rises to the moment when the stakes are highest, when the pressure is heaviest. Pablo says that when he hears the crowd chant ... less than complimentary things at Trae and he is hitting that shot, he thinks there is something constitutionally special about a very flawed player.

David points out that you can be hated, ala Reggie Miller, and be a Hall of Famer player, but Trae Young has not earned the right to be hated in that way. David then lays this thought out there — Trae Young gets coaches fired. And what has Trae won? And David wonders what went through Synder’s head when considering what to do about the Hawks’ Trae Young “problem.”

Pablo says that he believes in life and in sports that we’re not here to rewire people — if Trae Young is wired this way we’re not here to rewire him. That is beyond the powers of even the most psychoanalytically empathetic head coach. But David pushes back that you also have to consider whether that’s a winning combination. However, Pablo says what you can do is figure out what are the incentives to get everybody to want the same thing and to communicate better. Pablo says the Trae Young question is really hard because he’s like the Wario to Steph Curry’s Mario, he’s like “evil” Steph Curry, that’s the promise of him. He does all the stuff that Steph does, but he’s just more villainous. Pablo also believes that Trae needs some help on the court. That was supposed to be Dejounte Murray, but that hasn’t been the perfect pair as envisioned.

Pablo says he just thinks about it as a consumer of basketball and as such he’s glad that Trae Young, with all his flaws and limits, exists.

Meanwhile, Pablo and David were filling in for Dan and Stugotz today and this happened ...

Check out the breakdown of Wednesday’s show below.


Local Hour: Substitute Teacher Vibes

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The Big Suey: Scam Likely

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Hour 1: Social Media Algorithms

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Hour 2: GBF- Bryce Young Knows Stugotz!

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  • It’s time for everyone’s favorite game, Against The Spread!

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