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Did Steph Curry cook up the best Game 7 performance ever?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz breaks down the Golden State star’s legendary performance to close out the Kings.

Steph Curry had a Game 7 for the ages on Sunday and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz was ready to break it down.

David Samson begins the segment by asking if anyone really thought the Warriors were going to lose Game 7. Mike Ryan, in all his Florida man finery, says he thought that after the Kings’ performance in Game 6 and given the Warriors’ road woes this season, there was a chance they could send the defending champs packing. However, Malik Monk may have done his best Dillon Brooks impression and poked the bear in an ill-advised manner and Mike notes that you can’t do that to a champion.

Mike notes that all the questions about Steph and his legacy were answered in the Finals last season, but Steph showed he still had something left in his bag on Sunday. Mike said it was the best Steph Curry performance that he could remember, especially since he hasn’t had hugely memorable playoff peformances necessarily until last year’s Finals. Stugotz said he had one on Sunday for sure and Mike said he set a new high water mark. Tony chimed in that it was the best Game 7 performance ever.

David asks if this scenario for the Kings is similar to when Michael Jordan and the Bulls couldn’t get past the Pistons in the late 1980s and and 1990, where you have to beat a team to get to the next level. He said that he felt that the Warriors were that team for the Kings, but despite that he still points out that they lost a Game 7 at home to a team that’s terrible on the road and that’s a failure (no matter what Giannis says). Not to mention that Klay Thompson did NOT have a good game.

Chris Cote points out that in both the NBA and NHL playoffs you’re seeing the importance of meaningful late-season games. The Panthers, Heat, Lakers and Warriors all had to fight to get in, but this year in particular it seems like there has been value to having to grind until the end. Mike points out that it forces you to remain sharp and that you enter the postseason feeling like you’re playing at this high level, although he does point out that his beloved Heat was not great down the stretch.

David asks the group if everyone thought that the refs knew that the NBA wanted Curry to win. Stugotz admits that he did think the NBA got exactly what it wanted as the Warriors, Lakers, Celtics, 76ers, Heat and Knicks are all playing on. It has all the best markets that it wants — Mike points out that their “worst” series remaining features KD and the Suns facing off with the two-time defending MVP Nikola Jokić and the Nuggets. Stugotz does say that the league wants Denver out of the equation — they would take Phoenix vs. the Lakers, Phoenix vs. the Warriors. Chris says he thinks the next team the league wants gone after the Nuggets is the Heat and the crew broadly agrees, with David taking it a step further and saying there is no one marketable nationwide on the Heat and the league wants the Knicks to win. Stugotz and David agreed that a Knicks-Lakers NBA Finals would be the dream.

Going back to Curry, Stugotz points out that with four rings, two MVPs, a Finals MVP and this 50-point performance to a younger generation Curry is their Michael Jordan. He is the greatest player they’ve seen play in their lives. David and Mike push back noting that LeBron has been playing in this same era, but Chris sides with Stugotz and points out that Steph for the last five years has been pretty dominant and Stugotz points out that there is an entire generation that has missed LeBron in his prime.

Meanwhile, Mike is drunk on the tears of Boston sports talk radio callers ...

Check out the breakdown of Monday’s show below.


Local Hour: The Best Week In South Florida Sports History

  • After an unreal weekend in South Florida sports, the Shipping Container is FIRED UP. The Florida Panthers pulled off the greatest upset in the history of the NHL. The Heat took down the Knicks in Madison Square Garden in Game 1. And, hey, the Marlins swept the Cubs! Stugotz and David Samson want to talk the crew down from what they consider to be a potential overreaction to the weekend, but the Shipping Container won’t have any of it.

The Big Suey: Stugotz’s Knicks Tickets

  • Stugotz is asking John Skipper for tickets to the Game 2 at Madison Square Garden, but the entire crew just found out he’s not planning to be here this week. Is Mel Kiper Jr. a NFL Hall of Famer? And if he is, should Jose Canseco be in the MLB HOF? Then, a ridiculous David Samson rule wardrobe rule, asking people to change their wedding dates for selfish purposes, and Steph Curry and the greatest Game 7 of all-time.

Hour 1: The Worst Of The Misters

  • Is there an athlete who has changed the perception of themselves later in their career more than Jimmy Butler? And is Jeff Conine as Mr. Marlin the “worst” of the misters? Then, the show stays relevant with conversation on Jack Nicholson, Gene Hackman, and Weekend at Bernie’s. Plus, after Will Levis slipped in the NFL draft, Stu questions his professionalism.

Hour 2: the (formula) 1

  • We’re back with a couple of jam-packed segments as Stugotz presents his Weekend Observations and Jessica wows with her Taylor Swift-themed F1 Minute. Plus, the Taylor Swift-Fernando Alonso dating rumors lead us to the questions you must ask on a first date. Plus, the Suns plan for their broadcast has peaked David’s interest.

Postgame Show: The Standing O

  • There are pitch clock violations being called for standing ovations and players mic’d up during at-bats... What’s going on with baseball?

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