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How serious is Anthony Davis’ injury and did he really need a wheelchair?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz breaks down the Lakers star’s Game 5 injury and how his reputation precedes him.

Anthony Davis appeared to suffer a head injury in the Lakers’ Game 5 loss to the Warriors on Wednesday night and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had plenty to say.

Not only was Davis apparently injured, but TNT’s Chris Haynes reported that he needed a WHEELCHAIR.

Now, the good news is that Haynes would later report that Davis avoided a concussion and barring any setbacks should be available to play in Game 6. The bad news was that the injury plays into the criticism Davis has received over the years about being injury prone or soft to the point that ESPN’s Mike Greenberg had actually seriously suggested that the Lakers sit AD and LeBron for Game 5.

Amin points out the potential significance of yet another Davis injury and how it continues to feed the narrative of Davis missing time.


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Dan points out the interesting circumstance that people can point out that AD is a singular talent and almost alien-like in his ability to play basketball, but at the same time those same people — including Shaq, Charles Barkley and others — will dog him for his perceived frailty.

Amin points out that Shaq and Barkley weren’t really laughing at the potential of a brain injury, but rather the fact that Davis was taken out on a wheelchair (much in the same way people mock Paul Pierce’s famed wheelchair trip in the 2008 NBA Finals). Jessica points out that it seems strange that no one would ever laugh about a football player with a brain injury but basketball seems to be different. Dan points out that part of it is that Shaq and Barkley come from a different era with a different level of perceived toughness and that colors their judgment when discussing the modern game. And Amin continues to argue that they’re not laughing at the idea AD got his bell rung or was concussed, but rather that a wheelchair was brought out.

Jessica points out the stigma that has become associated with wheelchairs, and the idea that allowing yourself to be placed in a wheelchair somehow makes you lesser than when in reality using one could be quite beneficial or logical. Mike brings up the old stereotype that you’d never see a hockey player taken off in a wheelchair and that they suffer what appear to be major injuries and only miss a shift or two, which leads Jessica to reply with “You bros are so tough” in her best bro voice.

Dan sides with Jessica, and in fact sends Amin to the penalty box for moral crimes, insensitivity, body shaming and general toxic masculinity. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!

Meanwhile, Jessica is PISSED with Mike Ryan’s tweets. How DARE he ...

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.


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