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Ja Morant Didn’t Learn From His Suspension

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz reacts to Ja Morant’s latest viral video and resulting suspension.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz kicks off this segment in utter shock at the decision-making of Ja Morant.

For reference, Morant was seen on an Instagram Live video on Saturday night showing off a gun. The Grizzlies superstar landed in hot water earlier this season for a similar incident, in which he was seen holding a firearm in a Colorado nightclub.

Morant received an eight-game suspension for that offense. This time, the penalty will almost certainly be harsher.

Le Batard kicked off this discussion by asking Morant a simple question: “What are you trying to prove?”

Dan continues, pointing out that people have been discussing the Grizzlies’ immaturity as a team for the entire year, and this only proves them right.

Stugotz agrees with Le Batard, turning to point at both the NBA and the Grizzlies organization and ask what they’re doing to protect Morant from putting himself in these situations. Stugotz calls out the “bogus” eight-day rehab Morant was sent to during his prior suspension, inferring that he was only there so he could return in time for the NBA Playoffs.

Le Batard argues that while the NBA could have done more, they aren’t capable of stopping him from making the same mistakes.

The crew debates whether the timing of the incident should make it a bigger deal, as Morant was literally just reprimanded for the same actions a couple months ago.

Le Batard lays out how the timeline of Morant’s press tour to clean up his image following the first suspension should only raise more questions. Memphis put in a lot of work to make him appear as a “changed man”, only for Ja to do the same thing all over again just weeks later. He calls out the Grizzlies organization, saying they sped up the process in the name of money.

The crew discuss potential paths forward for Morant and how the Grizzlies’ PR team could handle this recent incident. At one point, Morant’s rapid rise to fame is compared to other superstars who have struggled in similar situations, being described as “reckless rockstar behavior”.

Le Batard’s final point is that we’ve seen incidents similar to Morant’s in the past, specifically bringing up Allen Iverson. However, whereas Iverson’s actions and sentiment felt legitimate, Morant appears to be posturing and manufacturing an unauthentic image. Dan says Ja wants to look tougher than he actually is.

The crew concludes by agreeing that Morant is acting like an immature nine-year-old, and the consequences could be significant.


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