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Miami Embarrassed the Celtics! Brian Scalabrine Reacts to Game 1

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is joined by Brian Scalabrine to react to Boston’s Game 1 loss vs. the Heat.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is joined by former Celtics player and current team broadcaster Brian Scalabrine to break down Boston’s embarrassing Game 1 loss to the Miami Heat.

Scal begins the conversation by calling Erik Spoelstra “by far” the best coach left in the playoffs, specifically giving him credit for working the refs.

Scal and Amin go back and forth on “Heat culture”, which has dominated headlines throughout these playoffs. Amin buys into it, while Scal thinks it really comes back to the consistent presence of Spoelstra, comparing his coaching style to Gregg Popovich’s in San Antonio.

Scal’s point is that this “culture” is not exclusive to the Heat, in reality it’s about a coach being given the opportunity to be hard on his players without facing serious repercussions. He also gives credit to Miami for getting the most out of their players.

Scalabrine proceeds to call out the Celtics for letting this exact collapse happen for the second straight year in the Eastern Conference Finals against Miami.

The crew debates who the blame should fall on for Boston’s ineptitude in the final minutes of the game. Dan puts the blame entirely on Tatum for failing to step up, while Amin shares it amongst Tatum, the rest of the team, and Mazzulla.

Scal provides a humorous break by jumping into story time about beating Jimmy Butler 1-on-1 during his rookie in Chicago.

Scal gives Butler credit for not listening to the outside noise, saying Jimmy truly believes he’s the best player when he steps on the floor.

“His confidence is exactly what you need in the NBA... what Jimmy Butler is authentically is real,” Scal states.

Can Jayson Tatum prove he has the same mentality? Only time will tell...


Local Hour: Sorry For The Jackhammering

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The Big Suey: The Ultimate Grandmaster

  • The Big Suey begins with Joe Mazzulla’s errors down the stretch of Game 1 against the Heat and why Erik Spoelstra is “The Ultimate Grandmaster.” Celtics champion Brian Scalabrine joins the show to explain why Jimmy Butler is “that dude” and how the Heat get the most of our its talent. Plus, Roy went crazy on a pint of ice cream.

Hour 1: Big Fella

  • Amin will do whatever he can to defend Shaq...even when Big Fella messes up Max Strus’ name. We discuss the greatest excuse to get out of a DUI in human history. Then, the crew discusses some of their hottest takes on current TV shows including a new show favorite, “Jury Duty.” Plus, how do people know when you’re staring at them? Do you watch other people’s TVs or read other people’s texts when you’re on a flight?

Hour 2: The Whole World In His Hands

  • Here’s a fun question to get some conversation going and has never been discussed before: What’s the hardest thing to do in sports? Amin unveils a new limited fake Emmanuel Acho before he breaks down tonight’s Lakers-Nuggets game.

Postgame Show: Rebounds On His Ass

  • It’s time for Thursday Thunder, and JuJu Gotti makes a guarantee.

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