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Man, the Celtics really can’t handle the Heat, can they?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz breaks down the Heat’s DOMINANT performance in Game 3 vs. the Celtics.

So, did anything big happen in Miami sports over the weekend? Oh yeah, the Heat took a commanding 3-0 series lead over the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. Now, obviously, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz was very low-key and subdued with its reaction.

Nah, of course, they were drinking from a cup full of Celtics tears and overdosing on hashtag HEAT CULTURE.

Dan was LOVING depressed Boston sports talk radio hosts just downtrodden with the influx of Miami fans. Israel Gutierrez notes that it’s not bad enough that your team is just getting ROLLED, but now your sports talk shows are getting overrun by opposing fans who aren’t even that clever. Dan can barely contain his laughter as he runs down the following facts about the Celtics:

  • The coach doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.
  • You’re about to potentially give the Super Max to a player (Jaylen Brown) who doesn’t seem to want to be there.
  • You’re expecting a leap out of Jayson Tatum, especially considering his Game 7 performance against the 76ers, but then leaves Celtics superfan Bill Simmons weeping about his 5-0 taunt.

Dan asks Israel about Magic Johnson’s criticism on Twitter of the Celtics quitting as well as Shaq and Charles Barkley’s postgame clowning of Boston during an interview with Gabe Vincent. Israel said he knew Al Horford’s Game 1 timeout taunt was going to come back to haunt him and he knew that this series was basically over when Jimmy did that back to Al and Al’s response was to kind of walk up, not really saying anything and not really have a fight left. He also said he questioned where were the rest of the Celtics when Grant Williams went forehead-to-forehead with Jimmy in Game 2. He said that once the Heat saw that Williams was the only Celtics player left with some fight in him, that they knew the Celtics were cooked.


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Stugotz said he thought the rest of the Celtics were more of the mindset to just play basketball and let your play do the talking and why would you start talking smack to Jimmy Butler? Don’t poke the bear! Because, as Stugotz so eloquently pointed out, Jimmy then did what Jimmy does. This left Dan howling because Stugotz just went rat-a-tat-tat with sports cliches.

Dan says he almost wants the series to keep going so he can continue to consume the tears and misery of the Boston sports fans, including the notion that they would love to have a team full of undrafted free agents. Stugotz says that when Jaylen Brown says something along the lines of they should be able to contain the Heat’s players what you’re really hearing is a tinge of jealousy, why can’t our organization do what theirs does. Why can’t the Celtics develop players like the Heat does?

Dan points out that Draymond Green agrees with Jeremy that is disrespectful to continue to point out all of the Heat’s undrafted free agents. But Dan points out it is what they are and it is super strange what the Heat are doing and that Jimmy and Pat Riley will have their legacies enhanced because of what they’ve done with this group of players. He takes it a step further to say that this team winning it all could potentially feel better than any of the other Heat championships.

Israel points out that this group lost to the Celtics last year and rather than break it up the Heat have grown. He points out that these aren’t just undrafted free agents who have hit their ceilings, but rather players who continue to get better, like Gabe Vincent doing things that no one thought he could or would do. So yes they were undrafted, but what that speaks to is the ability of the Heat to stay with these guys and to continue to build them as none of them really have a ceiling.

Billy points out that this would be one of the worst teams to ever win an NBA championship. He contrasted it with the titles won in the Big Three era, and Stugotz points out that expectations are everything and this year expectations are nothing. Billy says it’s like playing with house money, compared to the great feeling of being able to win those LeBron titles when everyone was rooting against them. Israel says he thinks this is the most fun because you don’t see these types of Cinderella runs in the NBA playoffs usually.

Meanwhile, JJ Redick joined the show and made a bold claim ...

Check out the breakdown of Monday’s show below.


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