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Did Eric Spoelstra panic in Game 4?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz breaks down what went wrong for the Heat as the Celtics staved off elimination in the Eastern Conference Finals.

All of a sudden it’s Miami feeling the Heat after the Celtics took home a victory in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, sending the series back to Boston and the betting markets scrambling.

Of course, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz remained level-headed and didn’t spiral after one game, right?

Luckily, Amin was in studio and ready to teach all of us about basketball with copious notes taken during Game 4.

Amin runs down what happened with Miami’s offense with lots of missed shots and turnovers. He points out that Miami’s M.O. has been that they don’t make mistakes and instead let their opponents make mistakes and feast on them. However, when they do make mistakes ...


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So did Spo really panic as Amin suggests? Mike points out that when Marcus Smart is hitting shots like he did in Game 4 you’re generally going to lose to the Celtics. They’re talented and fully capable of winning a game on the road when they hit 42 percent of their shots from behind the arc. Mike also points out that the Heat for some reason went away from a successful high pick-and-roll featuring Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo without any reason.

Amin says that in the second half, the Heat missed a lot of gimmes in the paint and as a result, they started forcing things which led to a bunch of turnovers. The irony of it all? Amin says they were the types of passes he says Mike Schur texts him about usually asking why teams haven’t figured out that you can’t make that kind of pass against the Heat. But this time it was the Heat making those mistakes.

Meanwhile, are you familiar with milk thistle ...

Check out the breakdown of Wednesday’s show below.


Local Hour: The Instructional Video That Gets Results

  • So... the Celtics are pretty talented, huh? Dan, Amin, Stu, and the crew discuss what Boston did to stay alive against Miami, the mistakes the Heat made in Game 4, and what we learned moving forward in the series. Amin knows basketball and has taken notes (!!!) on the most pivotal parts of last night’s game. He breaks it down while we completely box out our guest, Rohan Nadkarni. Then, Florida Panther Ryan Lomberg joins the show ahead of tonight’s Game 4 with a chance to sweep the Carolina Hurricanes. Does Lombs love us too?

The Big Suey: Milk Thistle

  • Dan says it’s more fun to live in fear as a sports fan before we finally get to Rohan’s Heat-Celtics analysis. Then, Mike mentioning ‘milk thistle’ leads us to a contentious debate and an appearance from an old friend. Plus, CJ McCollum joins the show to discuss Ja Morant, depression and anxiety with athletes, the pressure of performance from the media, and more. Stugotz and Dan continue the conversation on pressure and whether or not money can truly make you happy.

Hour 1: Reading Lists To Feel Alive

  • There’s a new “Top 75 College Football Quarterbacks of the 2000s” and Jessica read it just to feel alive. Then, why are AROD and Derek Jeter allowed to be courtside at the Heat game in Miami? Plus, we analyze LeBron’s hints at retirement, the name ‘Gar,’ and Charlotte and other employees stealing snacks.

Hour 2: Do The Thing!!!!

  • It’s time for...AGAINST! THE! SPREAD!...and Charlotte doesn’t seem to understand the game. Then, why is HBO Max forcing you to download a new app as they rebrand to ‘Max?’ Plus, Representative Colin Allred joins the show to discuss his Senate campaign against Ted Cruz, the state of American politics, how sports can reflect societal standards, his impact on the release of Brittney Griner, and more.

Postgame Show: Jessica’s Top 5 Food Network Shows

  • Jessica has her Top 5 Food Network Shows with quite a few OLIs, and we may have found Tony’s wheelhouse.

Watch more below!


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