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Was Jordan Poole’s deep three downright offensive?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz breaks down the much-debated 3-pointer late in Golden State’s Game 1 loss to the Lakers.

Everyone was seemingly talking about Jordan Poole’s late missed 3-pointer in Game 1 vs. the Warriors. That includes The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

Dan points out that Draymond Green was perhaps ready to punch Poole once again after he took that shot, but he also notes — as evidenced by the live reaction of Tyrese Haliburton — that he doesn’t even know what’s a good shot in the NBA anymore. Afterall, Trae Young was recently celebrated for hitting a similar shot against the Celtics in Boston. Even if something looks like a bad shot initially, it it goes in it’s not a terrible shot.

Tony suggests that a good shot is just an open shot because people can hit from so far away, including Poole. He just missed it in this case. Dan fired back that if he’s the Warriors and he’s in need of a 3 at the end of a game he’s OK with only one person taking a shot from that distance and, no, it’s not Poole or even Klay Thompson.

Mike points out that he had nine seconds left on the clock and plenty of room in front of him to make something happen, which is why he would have preferred Poole do something different than what he did. David argues, however, that if you don’t want Poole taking that shot, you don’t put Poole in the game. If he’s in there, David argues, you have to accept that Steph’s likely to be doubled and Poole could end up with that shot. Tony jumps in to argue that the Warriors could even see Poole as the third Splash Brother.

Dan harkens back to Klay’s performance against the Thunder in 2016 as a point in which NBA analysis changed forever. Prior to that point, Dan says, Poole’s shot vs. the Lakers in Game 1 is offensive. Nevermind it’s your third- or fourth-best option taking the shot, a shot from that distance for basically all of Dan’s life, he says, is a truly dreadful shot that nobody should be taking unless it’s a buzzer beater. David, however, points out that the percentage chance of that shot going has gone up in lockstep with that becoming an acceptable shot. David says he doesn’t like how the game has changed, but you have to embrace it — and that goes across all sports, really.

Dan asks how many guys do you feel comfortable with taking that shot, because for him it’s three — Trae Young, Damian Lillard and Steph. That’s it, he doesn’t have a fourth. Mike points out that Poole’s shot chart suggets that he’s hitting at about 30 percent from even that range, and David says thats’ what makes it OK. David says he thinks it’s awful, but the numbers would dictate that teams will live with that shot.

Meanwhile, all of us — including David Samson — learn of the horrors that could come from AI ...

Check out the breakdown of Wednesday’s show below.


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