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Should Gio Reyna play for the USMNT again amid Gregg Berhalter drama?

David Samson joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss the controversy surrounding the U.S. Men’s National Team and its coach.

David Samson joins the Local Hour of the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and says he thinks Gio Reyna should not play again for the U.S. Men’s National Team because of his family’s antics in the drama with head coach Gregg Berhalter. Samson also said he thinks Gio’s father, Claudio Reyna, should lose his job with Austin FC as a result of this controversy. Mike Ryan vehemently disagrees with David about Gio, but is extremely critical of U.S. Soccer for lacking leadership.

Meanwhile, despite it all, the embattled Berhalter still wants to keep his job as USMNT head coach. However, Berhalter is currently out of contract with the USMNT and Anthony Hudson has been tapped to lead the team’s January camp amid the ongoing turmoil.


Local Hour: The Thorough Dismissal

  • David Samson joins us for our Thursday Local Hour and begins with a discussion around how long to say “Happy New Year” as he and Amin discuss holiday cards and texts to friends, coworkers, and employees. Then, the entire crew takes a look at the Berhalter vs. Reyna blackmail drama. What does this moment say about U.S. Soccer? Does it make them look “small time?” Lads, it’s time to have a discussion about celebrating mediocrity.

The Big Suey: Meadowlarkers 61 “Damar Hamlin”

  • Howard Bryant, Kate Fagan, and Amin Elhassan discuss this week’s horrifying moment from Monday Night Football when Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest. The Meadowlarkers discuss the NFL’s standard operating procedures or lack thereof, the history of catastrophic or fatal injuries in sports, compassion and gratitude for players risking their lives, and the many other elements of where the league needs to go from here.

Hour 1: Are We Cool?

  • Ariel Helwani joins the show (after missing all of 2022) to discuss Dana White’s current controversy and the fandom in the UFC community, his own interactions with Dana, why UFC remains “the vice” of the sports world, fighter pay, and, of course, his love of Josh Allen. Then, Stugotz is here for his Weekend Observations on a Thursday!

Hour 2: The Latest On Damar Hamlin

  • Coley Harvey joins us to provide the latest on Damar Hamlin’s health including what it means to be “neurologically intact” and how Hamlin’s family is handling the situation. Then, the crew chats about Demolition Man as a NBA All-Star, movies most often on cable TV, the new Lamar Odom documentary, Damien Chazelle and the need for an editor.

Postgame Show: Shat Of The Day

  • Mike Schur is back with his weekly Thursday Milwaukee Bucks Roundup before sharing his take on the Berhalter vs. Reyna situation in U.S. Men’s Soccer.

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