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Is Jazz Chisholm the right choice to be MLB: The Show’s cover star?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Marlins star being chosen to front the annual video game and how it relates to MLB’s place in the zeitgeist.

MLB: The Show has revealed its cover athlete and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discussed the honor going to the Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm.

Dan notes that although we don’t know how Chisholm will work out as he moves from second base to centerfield, he’s charismatic and exactly the type of personality baseball should be embracing. Witty adds that baseball is trying to build stars and Chisholm absolutely has a star quality. But, Witty does question whether someone walking down the aisle of a Best Buy in someplace like, say, Tulsa will look at and say, “Who’s that on the cover of that game?”

Amin admits that he doesn’t really know what Chisholm looks like and asks if anyone buys the game because of who is on the cover. Witty points out that people buying Madden never have to ask who’s that, but does note that it was fan voting that landed Chisholm the honor.

Chris thinks this may be a case of MLB projecting, noting that they probably got Chisholm for a lot cheaper than they would have gotten a Mike Trout or somebody more established. But, Chisholm is on the precipice of becoming a star and Chris thinks MLB is trying to get out in front with this.

Tony says we don’t know any baseball players and asks if we lined up 17 of them if anyone could pick them out. Dan points out that baseball used to be the national pastime but is now becoming a regional sport. He also notes that perhaps the thinking is that if you choose someone like Chisholm, who Dan points out is not a meek personality, it may be a way to reach young people who might otherwise not be interested in baseball.

Witty pushes back a little bit, saying that baseball has a tendency to drown out and quiet personalities like Chisholm’s rather than accentuate them. He takes it a step further, saying that although it may be good that the video game is going in this direction that the sport itself is there to drag people like Chisholm down.

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