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Start spreading the news, are the Knicks back?!?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the recent surge for the Knicks.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses whether the Knicks’ current nine-game winning streak is the best stretch of New York basketball this century.

Stugotz says this is the best team in the NBA since the All-Star break, especially after the Knicks beat the Celtics on Sunday with Jalen Brunson, which leads Stugotz to admit that he underestimated how important that signing was in the offseason. He also says it’s exciting because they’re good now and they feel like they could be good for the next five years or so.

Dan admits its faint praise to call this the best Knicks team of the century given how moribund the franchise has been since reaching the 1999 NBA Finals. He also doesn’t think any of the top four teams in the Eastern Conference would fear the Knicks, although Stugotz suggests that a series with the Cavs would be a battle.

Stugotz also notes that while the defense has been playing well, the real surprise has been the offense that has been playing so well during this stretch that it’s weird to see, especially for a Tom Thibodeau team. Furthermore, Stugotz asks who are the Cavs? He actually says he thinks the Knicks would have a shot against either the Cavs or the 76ers, although they would have trouble against the Celtics or Bucks.

Dan asks Stugotz an important question though: Is he ready and willing to hope?

Witty says he would actually be alarmed if the Knicks were actually good because there are so many desperate New Yorkers and the fan base would go nuts and the media coverage would get out of hand. Mike says that if the Knicks were legitimately good he wouldn’t mind them dominating the basketball conversation, but when there are doubts that they can even make it out of the first round, he doesn’t think that level of attention is deserved.

Dan also works to pour some cold water on Knicks fans by noting that despite how well they’re playing they still don’t have a Giannis or a Tatum, that upper-echelon superstar that you need to be a true contender. However, Mike notes that if the team can keep winning then perhaps they can show that level of player that Knicks basketball is back and that it’s worth it to force their way to Madison Square Garden.

Speaking of Mike, there’s also this for your viewing — and listening — pleasure ...


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