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Golic & Smetty: Why are we seeing so many upsets? What it means for Sweet 16 weekend

Golic and Smetty talk through Daylight Savings Time, the NCAA Tournament, and F1 in their latest show.

The 2023 NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments are headed into the Sweet 16, and both brackets have been ripe with upsets. We could still see relative chalk win the whole thing in both brackets, but nobody would be surprised by more upsets.

Both brackets have seen half the No. 1 seeds knocked out. The men’s side saw the biggest outright betting upset in tourney history when Fairleigh Dickinson knocked off Purdue in the first round. In the second round, No. 8 Arkansas knocked off No. 1 Kansas. On the women’s side, all four top seeds beat their 16-seed opponent, but the second round saw Indiana lose to No. 9 Miami (FL) and Stanford lose to No. 8 Mississippi.

One of the big questions heading into the second week of the tournament is whether or not No. 15 Princeton can match or exceed last year’s miracle Elite Eight run by Saint Peter’s. On the women’s side, the big question is whether anybody can stop the undefeated juggernaut that is South Carolina.

Golic and Smetty had a busy show filled with NCAA upset chatter. Is it parity or bad seeding? One has to think the NCAA might want to re-think some of its NET usage. It’s fun seeing upsets, but does the recent run of No. 15 victories indicate a problem with how the committee is seeding teams? Most of America will be rooting for Princeton against Creighton, but at some point, the men’s selection committee will want to take a hard look at the work it does and if it needs to make some adjustments.

Show Breakdown

Golic & Smetty talk Daylight Savings, F1 Drama, March Madness and NFL QB Questions

Don’t be late to this episode because Jess was an hour early thanks to Arizona and the Uniform Time Act. Golic & Smetty recap a WILD weekend in College Basketball and F1. Who’s in 3rd? Literally, who? Fernando Alonso, I think. Upsets everywhere in the Women’s and Men’s brackets with only 4 of 8 No. 1 seeds moving onto the Sweet 16. Parity or just a bad seed? Plus, we’re still in the dark about an Aaron Rodgers trade and when will Lamar Jackson talks intensify?

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