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Gerrit Cole brings childhood Yankees sign to intro press conference

It’s not the same sign, but it’s pretty cool.

UPDATE: Gerrit Cole confirmed it is the same sign as when he was a kid, and it simply faded considerably at his parents’ house, per Lindsey Adler.

Apparently the sign is just entirely faded. It’s crazy how much it’s faded, but I guess that’s what happens over the course of 15ish years.

This will certainly fire up just about every Yankees fan out there. Starting pitcher Gerrit Cole grew up a Yankees fan, and there is a now famous picture of him as a youngster holding a sign that says “Yankee fan today, tomorrow, forever.”

On Wednesday as he was introduced following his record-breaking contract signing, he showed off a version of the sign. It’s in gold as opposed to the blue sign he had when he was a kid, but it’s still cool nonetheless. Well, cool for Yankees fans at least!

Arguably more important is that he thanks former MLBPA executive director Marvin Miller and former ball player Curt Flood for doing what was necessary to give him and others a chance to earn a great living playing baseball.