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Mets to bring in Luis Rojas to replace Carlos Beltran as manager [UPDATE]

Beltran stepped down due to involvement in Astros sign-stealing scandal. Rojas is reportedly getting a multi-year deal.

Houston Astros former player Carlos Beltran poses with owner Jim Crane as he receives his ring during the World Series ring ceremony at Minute Maid Park.  Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Jan. 22, 1:02 p.m. — The Mets are finalizing a multi-year deal to make Luis Rojas their new manager.

Rojas had been the quality control coach for the Mets and has strong ties to Dominican baseball. He had interviewed for this job before and is finally getting a shot at leading the team. Rojas is the son of former MLB manager Felipe Alou and brother of six-time All-Star Moises Alou.

Following the MLB’s report on the Houston Astro’s sign-stealing scandal, in which new Mets manager Carlos Beltran was implicated, Beltran has decided to step down as manager according to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports.

Beltran’s involvement in sign-stealing while an Astros player carried no fines or suspensions, as MLB focused on the coaches and decision makers. The Mets were more than likely contemplating letting Beltran go after the Red Sox fired Alex Cora and the Astros gave A.J. Hinch his walking papers, but Beltran at least gets the dignity of stepping down in this case.

Beltran was the only player mentioned in the report as he was a “central figure at the outset of the operation.” If he had been just one of the anonymous Astros players following along with bench coach Alex Cora’s plan, it would have been easier to keep him around.

The Mets will now go back to the drawing board to find a new manager.