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MLB start date remains unclear, mid-May Opening Day is optimistic option

In accordance with the CDC, Major League Baseball is expected to wait at least eight weeks until Opening Day, which will run into May and possibly June.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred addresses fans and media during an event at Independence Mall to announce Philadelphia as the host of the 2026 All Star Game. Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball announced Monday that the League will acknowledge the eight-week period that will restrict large gatherings of 50 or more people. This means that Opening Day will be in no less than two months, which would mean a start in mid-May is an optimistic option.

The United States is trying to lessen the outbreak of coronavirus and pretty much all professional sports have been put on pause for the immediate future. MLB was forced to cancel Spring Training last week, and given the need for some kind of wind-up period to start the baseball season, a week or two of getting back into shape could push this into June.