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MLB players view latest owners proposal as ‘step back’

MLB players and owners appear to remain far apart in negotiations to restart the season. We break down the owners’ latest proposal.

Tony Clark and Rob Manfred talk before Game 2 of the 2017 World Series

UPDATE: ESPN’s Jeff Passan posted the details of MLB owners proposal to the players. He did not include the mention of players have to sign waivers related to risks they assume in playing.

The Major League Baseball owners submitted a counter-proposal to the players, and the MLBPA considers it a “step back,” according to USA Today baseball columnist Bob Nightengale.

Karl Ravech was first to report the details of the owners’ new economics proposal. He has the owners offering 75 percent of prorated salaries with a 76-game season, playoff pool money, and no draft pick compensation for signing players in free agency this coming offseason. Nightengale reported that the deal was a guaranteed 50 percent, and it could get up to 75 percent, and Joel Sherman confirmed that was if the postseason was completed. The owners believes the regular season must end by September 27th because of Covid-related concerns of playing into November, per Sherman.

The players are unhappy with this in part because they are insisting on 100 percent of prorated salaries as negotiated in March. The owners believe they can implement a shortened season at 100 percent prorated salaries and have been holding a 50-game season in their back pockets. The math from that offers a reason why the players would not be happy with the owners’ current offer. Writer Jason Lukehart offered some basic math, and the current offer on 76 games offers little increase in pay from 50 games at full prorated salaries.

And so, we are left with two sides in what appears to be a deadlock. We’ve seen some movement in small ways, but not enough to have confidence a season will be starting soon. The hope was the regular season could start the first week of July, but that is all but assured of not happening at this point.