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Watch Fernando Tatis Jr. troll Trevor Bauer after home run

The Padres-Dodgers rivalry is heating up.

Fernando Tatis Jr. covering one eye

The Padres-Dodgers rivalry is heating up at just the right time! Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a home run on Saturday in the first inning off Trevor Bauer and he made sure to get a little trolling in as he rounded first base, covering his eye to mock the Dodgers pitcher.

In case you missed it on the first time, here’s a close-up.

If you’re not entirely clear what is going on here, it dates back to Spring Training. In his second spring start, Bauer pitched an inning against the Padres with one eye closed. He talked about challenging himself and having some fun. He did it again a week later, but it does not appear he has done so during the regular season. We’ll see if that changes after the Tatis home run and trolling.