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Yankees SP Nestor Cortes has immaculate inning vs. Orioles, Gerrit Cole negotiates to get ball back

Yankees starting pitcher Nestor Cortes tosses 106th immaculate inning in baseball history.

New York Yankees starting pitcher Nestor Cortes Jr. (65) delivers a pitch against the Baltimore Oriolesat Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

There are many difficult feats in baseball from long hitting streaks to home run records. On the mound, pitchers are known for mostly going for no-hitters or perfect games, but there is an equally impressive feat; the immaculate inning. Nine pitches, nine strikes and three strikeouts make up an immaculate inning.

On Sunday, April 17, Nestor Cortes for the New York Yankees had an immaculate fourth inning against the Baltimore Orioles.

Cortes’ immaculate inning was only the 106th in the history of the sport. Unfortunately, his battery mate catcher Kyle Higashioka didn’t initially realize the feat had occurred and tossed the ball for the final strike into the crowd as the team headed for the dugout.

Luckily for Cortes, teammate Gerrit Cole noticed and started bartering with the fans to try and swap another souvenir for the now historic ball.

The Yankees and Orioles are wrapping up an early three-game series for the divisional opponents on Sunday, April 17th.