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Trey Mancini scores Little League home run after Rays OF Josh Lowe loses ball in sun

Tampa Bay’s struggles since the All-Star break continue.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles took down the Tampa Bay Rays with a 3-0 shutout on Thursday. It was a pretty standard low-scoring affair without any highlights.

Well, except for in the bottom of the eighth when Rays outfielder Josh Lowe completely lost a pop fly in the sun and had it ricochet off his face. O’s batter Trey Manicini promptly hustled around the bags for an old fashioned, little league home run.

We’ve seen a comedy of outfield errors from the Red Sox over the past month and it was the Rays’ turn to get in on the action this afternoon. To add insult to injury, Lowe literally had sunglasses but wasn’t wearing them for the now infamous error.

Everything has come up for the resurgent Orioles this month as they’re now two wins away from matching their win total from last season and have creeped into AL Wild Card contention. As for Mancini, he’s been in plenty of trade rumors for the past week and his possible final at bat at Camden Yards with the birds could be a memorable one.