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MLB gives out Cy Young Awards with a huge typo on them

Major League Baseball needed some spell check for their yearly Cy Young awards as they suffered a typo.

Justin Verlander poses with his American League Cy Young Award during the 2023 Baseball Writers’ Association of America awards dinner at New York Hilton on January 28, 2023 in New York City. Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images

Baseball has always been an interesting sport where mistakes aren’t a bad thing, they are expected. The old adage of being successful three out of 10 times in baseball and you’re destined for the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, the MLB suffered quite a large mistake in the form of a typo on some of their yearly awards. Rather than saying “Most Valuable Pitcher,” the Cy Young Awards for Sandy Alcantara and Justin Verlander read “Most Valuble Pitcher.”

At the very least, they caught it before getting to Aaron Judge’s MVP Award, which has the largest spelling of “valuable.” Verlander likely won’t mind about the error as it is his third AL Cy Young Award of his career. He had the second-best record in the majors taking an 18-4 record into the playoffs with the Houston Astros. Verlander led the league in ERA (1.75) and WHIP (0.83) and had the 20th most strikeouts (185).

For Alcantara, this was his first NL Cy Young win. He was named an All-Star for the first time in 2019 but was named again in 2022. Alcantara is one of the best players on the Miami Marlins. In 32 games pitched, he tallied a 14-9 record with a 2.28 ERA and 207 strikeouts. If he keeps on his current trajectory, Alcantara should be able to continue adding to his awards shelf, hopefully with all spellings accurate.