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Report: Salt Lake City group planning to pursue MLB expansion team in Utah

We discuss the news that there is a group planning to pursue an MLB expansion into Salt Lake City, Utah.

Salt Lake City Utah Skyline Panoram Panorama photo of the Salt Lake City Utah skyline showing downtown buildings and the snow-covered Wasatch Mountains in the background.

A Salt Lake City consortium is planning to pursue a Major League Baseball expansion team in Salt Lake City, Utah, per Jeff Passan. The former owner of the Utah Jazz leads the group. Talks about expanding MLB have been ongoing, and there seems to be consistent rumblings that we can expect some movement in the next few years.

Salt Lake City is one of the handful of potential expansion locations that have been floated around. Portland, Oregon, Mexico City, Mexico, and Nashville, Tennessee have also gained traction as potential expansion destinations. Portland has been pitched as an expansion city on two separate occasions. When the Montreal Expos moved to Washington, the franchise also considered Portland. The Florida Marlins also considered relocating to Portland in 2007, but instead, they received the funding for a new stadium.

The last MLB expansion occurred in 1998. Following a committee meeting in March 1994, it was announced a year later that the Arizona Diamondbacks would be headed to the National League and the then-Tampa Bay Devil Rays would be heading to the American League starting in 1998. It’s hard to tell how long a potential expansion would take these days, but it would be shocking if it took three full years as it did in the 90s.