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Breaking down picks for ‘The Office’ popularity pool

We look at the most logical choices for DraftKings Sportsbook’s popularity pool for The Office.

Scene from the “Dinner Party” episode of The Office

The sports world is at a stand-still leaving plenty of us feeling some withdrawal. With nothing to pick or bet on, DraftKings Sportsbook is offering some free-to-play pools to keep people engaged during the coronavirus outbreak. The latest is a popularity pool around the classic TV show The Office. The timing is fitting, with today marking the 15th anniversary of the airing of the first episode.

The pool asks you 12 questions and you have to choose the answer you think will be the most common among everyone entering the pool. So, it’s not about what you think is the best choice, but rather what you think the general public will think is the best choice. The selection with the highest percentage of users will be declared the winning selection. Submissions are required by 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday March 24th, and the winner gets $1,000.

Pick which answer you believe will be the most popular among participants in the pool. Try to nail as many as possible for a prize pool of $25,000.

Since I can’t give out DFS and betting advice for basketball, I’ll take anything to escape the insanity that is a world without hoops. Here are my picks for the NBA Popularity pool.

Which Jim prank is the best?

  • Dwight’s stuff in jello
  • Gift wrapping Dwight’s desk
  • Faxes from Future Dwight
  • Dwight’s stuff in vending machine

My personal favorite is probably Dwight’s stuff in the vending machine because there’s something that cracks me up about him handing Dwight a bag of change. However, I think the public will be picking Dwight’s stuff in jello.

Best cold open

  • Fire Drill
  • Lip Sync
  • Kevin drops the chili
  • Identity theft
  • Parkour!

I will never not cry laugh at the Fire Drill open. The Lip Sync is actually described as “best intro ever” by the Office YouTube account, but Fire Drill is one of the funniest scenes in the history of The Office.

Best running joke

  • “Ryan started the fire!”
  • “That’s what she said”
  • “Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration”
  • “Assistant (to the) Regional Manager

This one really isn’t that hard ...

Funniest Office relationship

  • Ryan & Kelly
  • Jan & Michael
  • Andy & Angela
  • Gabe & Erin

It’s really a tough call between Jan/Michael and Ryan/Kelly. Ryan/Kelly was better for duration given that it lasted most of the entire series and was consistently strong, while Jan/Michael might have had the better peak with the Dinner Party episode. My personal favorite is Jan and Michael slightly, but I think Ryan and Kelly gets the vote.

Best character from Corporate

  • Robert California
  • David Wallace
  • Jo Bennett
  • Jan Levinson
  • Gabe Lewis

This is a tough one. I think David Wallace was the best character from from corporate because of the highs and lows of his relationship with Michael. He could be exasperated with Michael, while at the same time respecting him to a certain degree. I don’t think anybody quite understood Michael like David Wallace at times. I could see Jan Levinson or Robert California sliding in on this, and Jan is probably the safest of the picks, but Wallace is my guy.

Best Michael Scott character

  • Prison Mike
  • Date Mike
  • Michael Klump
  • Michael Scarn

This is a really tough one. I’d lean Michael Scarn because of how long the storyline lasted. Date Mike is probably my personal favorite, but I think Michael Scarn or Michael Klump probably get the popular vote.

Best manager other than Michael

  • Andy Bernard
  • Dwight K. Schrute
  • D’Angelo Vickers
  • Creed Bratton

It’s gotta be Dwight, right?

Michael’s Most Ridiculous Relationship

  • Jan Levinson
  • Helene Beesly
  • Donna Newton
  • Carol Stills
  • Chair Model

This seems like one where Jan gets the win because of how high profile and over the top the relationship was. However, the chair model is the rightful winner considering Michael fell in love with a woman in an office-chair catalog, only to find out she died in a car accident. It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than that, but I still think Jan gets the vote.

Best supporting character

  • Todd Packer
  • Creed Bratton
  • Bob Vance
  • Mose Schrute

Creed is quietly one of the best characters in the show with the straight man absurdity of his behavior. From start to finish he’s spectacular. I’m not sure if enough people recognize it — especially with an over-the-top character like Todd Packer in the mix — but I’ll lean Creed.

Everyone’s least favorite character

  • Jan Levinson
  • Toby Flenderson
  • Ryan Howard
  • Angela Martin

Toby is dull and mopy, while Ryan is just a bad person. I’m going to lean Toby for this answer, even though he’s a critical part of the dance with Michael.

Best Christmas Episode

  • Classy Christmas
  • Secret Santa
  • Moroccan Christmas
  • Benihana Christmas

It’s gotta be Benihana Christmas. All four have amusing moments, but Benihana Christmas is the best top to bottom. We get a great CIA prank of Dwight, Michael confusing the Benihana waitresses, the competing Christmas parties, a brief return by Oscar and Gil, and the real (but unclear at the time) start of the Michael-Jan relationship.

Most uncomfortable scene

  • Dinner party
  • Michael kisses Oscar
  • Scott’s Tots
  • Michael’s toast at Jim & Pam’s wedding
  • Michael’s toast at Phyllis & Bob’s wedding

All five are great, but it comes down to Dinner party vs. Michael kisses Oscar. While the Michael makes the kissing scene wildly uncomfortable, I think we’ll see people voting for Dinner party. When you have a Rolling Stone oral history of the episode, it’s gonna get the vote.

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