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Report: NBA exploring rapid testing options for coronavirus

Blood tests would determine whether somebody is positive for coronavirus within minutes.

2020 NBA All-Star - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA is exploring the accessibility of using rapid testing devices for COVID-19 coronavirus, ESPN reported Monday night. The testing devices would be similar to tests for blood glucose levels for people with diabetes — a prick that gives results in a matter of minutes.

This is an effort by the NBA and NBAPA to be as prepared as possible for a potential return to play in the future. The report stresses that this is just exploratory and there is no timetable for obtaining these devices.

“We are going to be clearly second in line to healthcare workers, transportation workers, public workers, things along those lines,” said one longtime NBA head athletic trainer.

”Even if the technology is there, is it accessible?” said another athletic training official with first-hand knowledge of the process. “Because obviously we have higher-priority people that may need that, like our emergency workers and health-care professionals that definitely take a priority over our players.”

The NBA also said that any decision on when the League might return is weeks away. The League is continuing to follow orders from the government in trying to combat this pandemic. Many officials are cited in the report stating that acquiring proper testing devices is a crucial step in returning to play.