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Which NBA players are most likely to call the league’s Covid-19 hotline?

We give you our list of players most likely to report quarantine violations in the NBA bubble.

Chris Paul of the Oklahoma City Thunder points during the game against the Utah Jazz on October 23, 2019 at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA is looking to buckle down to stop quarantine protocol from being violated in the bubble at Disney World. The league has decided to utilize an anonymous hotline to deter players from breaking the rules, and multiple tips have already been placed following the arrival of teams, according to reporter Shams Charania.

There are sure to be plenty more violations ahead of the season’s return on July 30. Some will be intentional while others will be honest mistakes. Players getting caught could affect the playoff picture in a major way.

Maintaining the quarantine is critical to keeping players and coaches healthy, but we’ve decided to have a little fun and put together a list of players most likely to rat out rule breakers. History provides plenty of evidence for who might be inclined to call out their fellow players to get an edge. Here’s our All-Bubble NBA First Team of snitches. Enjoy!

Point Guard: Chris Paul

Unfortunately, the Minnesota Timberwolves weren’t good enough to make it into this prestigious bubble. Because of that, D’Angelo Russell get’s nothing more than an honorable mention. Paul has to be the ring leader of the snitching movement with Russell out of the picture. It’s not hard to see why either.

Remember when he helped the Oklahoma City Thunder secure a victory by alerting a referee to a player checking in with an untucked jersey to get a technical foul? We do.

It’s only right that NBPA’s president is a stickler of the rule and the player most people suspect of being a narc. But he can be discreet as well. What are the odds of Paul having a network of secret tunnels to spy on opposing teams at Disney World? They’re probably better than you think. Players should make sure to obey the proper social distancing guidelines around CP3.

Shooting Guard: J.R. Smith

Smith might be the most dangerous player on this list. He’s already emerging as a star in the bubble after going live on Instagram to break down his experience in the bubble and had to be shut down for exposing too much.

To be honest, Smith will likely expose some rule breaking inadvertently. If he continues to document his time with the Lakers he could accidentally catch LeBron getting a red wine delivery or gourmet food from his chef at the team’s hotel. Smith has one of the best personalities of all the players still competing for a championship, so there will definitely be a ton of eyes on him.

Honorable Mention: Donovan Mitchell

I for one am not convinced that Mitchell has squashed his beef with Rudy Gobert. I wouldn’t put past exposing the “stifle tower” if he steps out of line. It would deal a critical blow to the Jazz and certainly shake up the playoff picture.

Small Forward: LeBron James

James is chasing his third ring and has a network of Klutch Sports Group clients at his disposal in both conferences. He has more resources than any other player in the bubble. He has insiders on the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers, and other teams. James will be looking to get an edge any way he can.

How many of his top competitors can King James take down?

Power Forward: Kevin Durant

Durant isn’t always a power forward by trade and won’t even be in the bubble during the postseason, but I had to make an exception here. The Brooklyn Nets need all the help they can get with Kyrie Irving, Spencer Dinwiddie, and DeAndre Jordan out for the season. Durant’s Twitter fingers are legendary, and it’s not crazy to think he could use his arsenal of burners to bring violators to justice.

The “Slim Reaper” is a competitor, and his team is at a major disadvantage. Can he be the real MVP from thousands of miles away?

Center: Mo Bamba

Bamba outed himself via Twitter by suggesting that Donovan Mitchell could already be inviting people to the bubble. Score one for the home team. How is anyone supposed to sneak anything by Bamba’s 7’10” wingspan? At least players have been alerted about what he’s capable of now.