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Wizards have another game postponed Wednesday vs. Hornets [UPDATE]

Washington had three more games postponed, bringing the number up to 4 total. Nine players are in health and safety protocols.

Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards warms up before playing against the Phoenix Suns at Capital One Arena on January 11, 2021 in Washington, DC.  Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

UPDATE: Jan. 18, 3:08 p.m. — The Wizards are seemingly not playing another basketball game the rest of the season at this rate. The NBA announced Monday that the Wizards will have their game against the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday postponed due to health and safety protocols. It will be the fifth straight game the Wizards won’t play and the team hasn’t taken the court for a game since Jan. 11 — one week ago.

On top of the Wizards’ game on Wednesday being pushed back, the team has another positive Covid-19 test. This is getting very bad, especially considering some of the comments from Tommy Sheppard last week.

UPDATE: The Wizards announced late Friday that six players have tested positive for Covid-19 and nine players are in health and safety protocols.

The NBA has postponed the next two games for the Washington Wizards after it was announced that a fifth player tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday. The Wizards won’t play their next two games against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday and Monday. So that makes the fourth straight game the Wizards will not play as players are still in health and safety protocols.

The NBA has had to postpone plenty of basketball games over the last two weeks as teams deal with the health and safety protocols. Most of the postponements have been a result of teams not being able to field 8-man rosters. The Wizards have five players in health and safety protocols, not just because of contact tracing, but because of positive Covid-19 tests. This makes things much more difficult with an upcoming five-game road trip and players needing to travel.