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Anfernee Simons beats out Obi Toppin to win 2021 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Trail Blazers guard nearly kissed the rim on his winning dunk. We recap the event.

Anfernee Simons of the Portland Trail Blazers dunks the ball during the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest as part of 2021 NBA All Star Weekend on March 7, 2021 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers G Anfernee Simons won the 2021 Slam Dunk Contest at halftime of the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday in Atlanta. Simons beat out New York Knicks PF Obi Toppin in the final round to take the crown. Simons is the first Blazers player to win the Dunk Contest. Check out the winning Dunk for Simons here:

Final recap

Toppin did a between the legs dunk from inside the key. Again, nothing we haven’t seen before. There’s been pretty much 0 creativity so far in this dunk contest. Simons wanted to kiss the rim but turned away at the last second on his dunk in the finals. He got a lot of height on the dunk, still pretty underwhelming. The judges ruled in favor of Simons 3-2.

First Round Recap

So the scores went as follows in the first round of the Dunk Contest.

Obi Toppin 94
Anfernee Simons 95
Cassius Stanley 81

Toppin’s dunk was OK, all three dunks were underwhelming to be honest. Simons went up and grabbed the ball sitting on a nerf hoop around the top of the square on the backboard. He didn’t do anything other than jump high. Toppin did like a Zach LaVine dunk that looked alright. Stanley threw it back with a between the legs slam that had more force than the other two dunks. He still ended up with the lowest score of the first round.

Stanley laid an egg on his second dunk and probably won’t advance. Simons put on a T-Mac jersey and threw it back to his dunk back in the day as a Raptor. It wasn’t anything special but it got him a 49, somehow. Toppin jumped over Julius Randle and his dad and got a 46 on that dunk. It was decent, the best dunk of the night so far, still nothing special to me. Tough crowd, I know. So Toppin vs. Simons in the final.