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Deebo Samuel suffers injury, returns to field in Week 3 vs. Broncos

Deebo Samuel suffered an ankle injury in Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season. Here are the latest updates.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel (19) runs with the football past Seattle Seahawks linebacker Jordyn Brooks (56) during the third quarter at Levi’s Stadium. Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Deebo Samuel has returned to the game. Breathe.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver/Running back Deebo Samuel suffered an injury in the second quarter against the Denver Broncos. After a reception, the Broncos gang tackled him and he appeared to have his ankle rolled up on by a defender. The good news is that he’s already out of the tent and back on the bench. We’ll see if he can come back on their next possession.