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Full list of Week 6 straight-up picks with confidence levels

We make picks for all 14 NFL games with levels of confidence ahead of Week 6.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) talks with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) before the game at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL kicks off Week 6 Thursday evening with a rather atrocious matchup on Thursday Night Football. The Chicago Bears host the Washington Commanders and there is one bit of good news with this matchup. Last week hopefully set the bar for bad football this year. The Colts-Broncos game was abysmal with Indianapolis winning 12-9 in overtime. Everyone joked about how awful Commanders-Bears would be, so maybe we’ll swing the other way and it will turn into an unexpected delight.

Whatever the case, we’re back once again for straight up picks for Week 6 of the regular season. We pick each game’s winner, and then slot the picks based on confidence levels — high, medium, low, and no. A game with three asterisks (***) after it indicates a game where I’m picking the betting underdog to get the win.

Looking back at last week’s picks, I was 3-1 in high confidence picks, 4-1 in medium picks, 2-3 in low confidence picks, and 1-1 in no confidence picks. I picked four upsets and went 1-3 on those, only getting the Jets over the Dolphins. I’ve got four upsets on the slate this week, with Chiefs over Bills inspiring the most confidence.

High confidence

Bucs over Steelers
49ers over Falcons

Medium confidence

Ravens over Giants
Vikings over Dolphins
Rams over Panthers
Eagles over Cowboys
Chargers over Broncos

Low confidence

Bears over Commanders
Packers over Jets
Colts over Jaguars
Chiefs over Bills***

No confidence

Saints over Bengals***
Patriots over Browns***
Seahawks over Cardinals***