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NFL Survivor pool, Week 3: Strategy and safe, value, trap picks

The NFL season is back and that means Survivor pools once again. We are here to provide tips to stay alive all season.

Justin Herbert #10 of the Los Angeles Chargers passes the football during the first quarter against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on September 15, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The NFL had a weekend of wild upsets in Week 1, but things settled down a bit in Week 2. We still had upsets, but none was nearly as unexpected. We saw the Jets stun the Browns, the Jaguars thump the Colts, and the Dolphins and Cardinals rally to beat the Ravens and Raiders on the road, respectively. But the biggest upset might have been Cooper Rush and the Cowboys dropping the Bengals to 0-2.

The Week 1 upsets cost a lot of people in Survivor pools, but if you remained alive or are in a double elimination pool, Week 2 got us back on track. Looking through last week’s picks, our safe and value picks all made it through with wins, although the Broncos did struggle in doing so. Our 49ers-Seahawks trap pick ended up not being an issue as San Francisco rolled over Seattle, even after losing Trey Lance to a season-ending broken ankle.

It’s time once against to get ready for your NFL Survivor pools. Below we’ve got a look at safe choices, value choices, and possible traps on a Week 3 schedule that could be a tricky one for making picks.

Safest picks

Chargers over Jaguars

There are few safe picks this week with a lot of good teams headed on the road. The Chargers have more value down the road, but with some limited options in front of us, I could see a lot of people jumping on them if Justin Herbert is able to play. Maybe even myself!

Best value picks

Browns over Steelers

This is a tough matchup, but for a week in which there aren’t many good choices, if you think the Browns will win this one, this is the week to use them. You could save them for when they get DeShaun Watson back, but that won’t be until the final third of the season. The biggest issue with this game is making the call for Thursday Night Football rather than waiting to see Sunday injury reports — particularly on Justin Herbert.

Trap pick

Eagles over Commanders
Chiefs over Colts

There seem like so many traps on the calendar. Philadelphia has looked great the first two weeks, but heading into Washington for a divisional game is a tough one and you should stay away. The Chiefs are headed to Indianapolis to face a Colts team that has been awful this year. This feels like a bounce-back spot for the Colts and one of those nutty “any given Sunday” type of games.