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How the public is betting the Giants-Vikings in the NFC Wild Card round

We break down the betting splits for Giants-Vikings in the NFC Wild Card round of the 2023 NFL Playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The No. 6 New York Giants face the No. 3 Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card round on Sunday, January 15. Kickoff is set for 4:30 p.m. ET.

All odds and info were provided by DraftKings Sportsbook.

Point Spread

Giants +3: 50% of action. 42% of bets
Vikings -3: 50% of action. 58% of bets

This is a tight line and a tight split from the bettors. With the handle at 50/50, the Giants bettors are putting more money on their wagers than the Vikings bettors to cover the spread. The Vikings have had huge ups and downs this season, staying mostly consistent but choking in certain big moments. They beat the Giants by three points in their last matchup, but things could go the other way.


Over 48.5%: 46% of action, 38% of bets
Under 48.5%: 54% of action, 62% of bets

The public is leaning slightly on the under here. The last time the two teams met, the final total was 51, so we’re expecting somewhat of a decrease in scoring here, which is interesting as these two teams bring some of the worst defenses among playoff teams to this matchup. The over seems more likely to hit here.


Giants +145: 52% of action, 43% of bets
Vikings -170: 48% of action, 57% of bets

Like the spread, the public is split here, with a few more bets leaning toward Vikings and more cash-wagered leaning Giants. The Giants have a better payoff here, which in a closely-matched game like this, may be the way to go, but the Vikings do have home-field advantage and a significantly better record. I think that the percentage of bets placed on the Vikings here is an accurate representation of what we can expect from this game, though the Giants' bets are an understandable risk.