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What Week 12 means for the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft

The very top of the draft order is a two-team race, but the top five is a little more wide open. We have one matchup in Week 12 that impacts the latter.

Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gets sacked by Vic Beasley Jr. and Bruce Irvin of the Atlanta Falcons during the game at Raymond James Stadium on December 30, 2018 in Tampa, Florida. Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means NFL games are getting just a little bit more important. The 2020 playoff race is coming into focus, but we also are getting a better handle on what the 2020 NFL Draft order is going to look like.

The Cincinnati Bengals currently hold pole position for the top pick, winless through ten games and not looking like they’ll be improving any time soon. Washington sits a game back, and barring a Bengals win anytime soon, this is a two-team race for the top pick. Behind those two, we’ve got a sizable clump of teams competing for a top five pick, with plenty to play for these final five weeks even if the Bengals lose out.

Here is what the top of the draft order looks like heading into Week 12. Strength of schedule provided courtesy of Tankathon, and it is followed by their Week 12 opponent.

1. Cincinnati Bengals: 0-10 (.568) — vs. Steelers
2. Washington: 1-9 (.525) — vs. Lions
3. New York Giants: 2-8 (.469) — @ Bears
4. Miami Dolphins: 2-8 (.473) — @ Browns
5. New York Jets: 3-7 (.481) — vs. Raiders
6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3-7 (.528) — @ Falcons
7. Denver Broncos: 3-7 (.542) — @ Bills
8. Atlanta Falcons: 3-7 (.570) — vs. Bucs

The biggest matchup this week features the Bucs and Falcons. The loser firms up their chances at a top five pick, while the winner could very well drop out of the top ten entirely. Other than that, all of the teams head into the Week 12 matchup as an underdog. An upset or two is likely, but the top of the draft order should not see too much disruption.