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49ers are remaining undefeated as NFL playoff picture starts to heat up

The NFL is through the halfway point of the 2019 regular season. We’ve got the latest look at the playoff picture as only one undefeated team remains.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates with receiver Kendrick Bourne after Bourne’s touchdown catch against the Arizona Cardinals during the first half at State Farm Stadium on October 31, 2019 in Glendale, Arizona. Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The NFL wrapped up its ninth Sunday of the season, and with only Monday Night Football remaining, we are officially over halfway through the 2019 regular season. Plenty will change over the final eight weeks, but the good and bad teams are slowly starting to separate out.

The 49ers are officially the only undefeated team remaining in the NFL. They had to fight for it, taking a big early lead against the Cardinals on Thursday Night Football and holding on as Kyler Murray stormed back late. The other previously undefeated team, the Patriots, were thumped by Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. They remain the No. 1 seed in the AFC, a game and a half up on the Ravens.

The AFC is a little more wide open than the NFC, with six teams less than three games back in the wild card. The NFC has five teams in that range, but we have a quasi-elimination game in Week 10 when the 3-5 Bears host the 3-4-1 Lions. Nobody will be eliminated in Week 10, but we’re reaching the point where losses sting just a little bit more if you’re on the edge of the playoff picture.

Below is a full rundown of the playoff picture followed by key matchups in Week 10 for each conference.

NFC playoff picture

1. San Francisco 49ers: 8-0 (beat Cardinals 28-25)
2. New Orleans Saints: 7-1 (Bye)
3. Green Bay Packers: 7-2 (lost to Chargers 26-11)
4. Dallas Cowboys: 4-3 (Monday Night Football @ Giants)

5. Seattle Seahawks: 7-2 (beat Bucs 40-34)
6. Minnesota Vikings: 6-3 (lost to Chiefs 26-23)

In the hunt: Los Angeles Rams (5-3), Carolina Panthers (5-3), Philadelphia Eagles (5-4), Detroit Lions (3-4-1), Chicago Bears (3-5)

Week 10 NFC matchups of note

Lions (3-4-1) @ Bears (3-5)
Panthers (5-3) @ Packers (7-2)
Rams (5-3) @ Steelers (4-4)
Vikings (6-3) @ Cowboys (4-3)
Seahawks (7-2) @ 49ers (8-0)

AFC playoff picture

1. New England Patriots: 8-1
2. Baltimore Ravens: 6-2
3. Houston Texans: 6-3 (beat Jaguars 26-3)
4. Kansas City Chiefs: 6-3 (beat Vikings 26-23)

5. Buffalo Bills: 6-2 (beat Washington 24-9)
6. Indianapolis: 5-3 (lost to Steelers 26-24)

In the hunt: Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4), Oakland Raiders (4-4), Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5), Tennessee Titans (4-5), Los Angeles Chargers (4-5), Denver Broncos (3-6)

Week 10 AFC matchups of note

Chargers (4-5) @ Raiders (4-4)
Chiefs (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)
Rams (5-3) @ Steelers (4-4)