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What Week 15 means for the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft

We have a two-team race for the top spot in the draft, and a whole lot of room to maneuver in the rest of the top ten. We break it down and what the Week 14 schedule means.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning warms up before the preseason game against the Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium. Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Week 15! We’re midway through December, and the top of the draft order still is not entirely clear. The Bengals have a one-game lead on the Giants, but then we have a clump of teams in the three- and four-win range, meaning the top five and even top ten picks have a lot of room left to maneuver.

The Bengals have a one-game lead, and it is unlikely they lose it this week when they host the Patriots. Where it gets interesting is next week when they travel to face the Dolphins. Miami is playing some decent football with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm, but as we saw in their loss last week to the Jets, things could easily go south.

After the Bengals and Giants, we have four teams with three wins and then the Jaguars and Falcons with four wins. That leaves room for all sorts of movement in the top eight and even through the top 12 where the five-win teams reside.

Here is what the top of the draft order looks like heading into Week 15. Strength of schedule provided courtesy of Tankathon, and it is followed by their Week 15 opponent.

1. Cincinnati Bengals: 1-12 (.576) — vs. Patriots
2. New York Giants: 2-11 (.459) — vs. Dolphins
3. Washington: 3-10 (.481) — vs. Eagles
4. Miami Dolphins: 3-10 (.488) — @ Giants
5. Detroit Lions: 3-9-1 (.498) — vs. Buccaneers
6. Arizona Cardinals: 3-9-1 (.553) — vs. Browns
7. Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-9 (.478) — @ Raiders
8. Atlanta Falcons: 4-9 (.555) — @ 49ers
9. New York Jets 5-9 (.469) — Loss to Ravens 42-21
10. Los Angeles Chargers 5-8 (.512) — vs. Vikings
11. Denver Broncos 5-8 (.531) — @ Chiefs
12. Carolina Panthers 5-8 (.536) — vs. Seahawks

We’re back on track with another Toilet Bowl matchup. The Giants host the Dolphins in what might be Eli Manning’s last ever home start. He is starting in place of injured rookie QB Daniel Jones and this is one of the few matchups in which he could impress.