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Jay Glazer: Video released showing Bengals security questioning Patriots videographer

This does not exactly help the Patriots case.

Television cameras roam the sidelines prior to Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

FOX Sports reporter Jay Glazer had the big scoop of Week 15. During the FOX Sports pre-game show, he aired footage from the controversy surrounding the New England Patriots filming the Cincinnati Bengals sideline.

The video features a Bengals security official in an exchange with two Patriots videographers. The video shows a camera pointed in the direction of the Bengals sideline, then following substitutions onto the field, and then going back to the Bengals sideline.

The audio has the Bengals security official asking how this has to do with the advanced scout the Patriots claim they were documenting. First the Patriots videographer says he’s just getting some field stuff as b-roll. The security official calls him out for it and eventually the videographer claims ignorance about the rules on this and offers to delete the video.

We have heard repeatedly that Bill Belichick had no knowledge of any of this and that the video team was independent of football operations. Whether that’s true or not, the Patriots likely will face some kind of discipline.