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Cowboys receive kick in second half after seemingly blowing coin toss

Cowboys win coin toss, end up kicking off in first half and might have to kick off in the second half. This could impact the third quarter point spread and Cowboys third quarter team total.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on the field before the game against the Los Angeles Rams at AT&T Stadium.  Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


After all that, the Cowboys ended up getting the ball to start the second half. The officials discussed it with New York and decided to let the Cowboys slide on this, per beat writer Michael Gehlken.


This second video has Prescott saying defense and kick it, and then saying defer. Shannon Sharpe tweeted that Prescott had to say defer first.


There has been some back and forth on what Dak Prescott said to the refs after winning the coin toss, but NFL insider Adam Schefter reports that he did say the Cowboys would kick, thus giving the Rams the option to receive in the second half. However, video is now revealing Prescott definitely said defer and the referee either didn’t hear or refused to acknowledge it. The whole situation is baffling, but one has to wonder what this could mean for the third quarter point spread and Dallas third quarter team total now that they are potentially kicking off instead of receiving to open the second half. This could have a sizable impact on some wagers.

The Dallas Cowboys won the coin flip at the start of their matchup with the Los Angeles Rams but instead of deferring to the Rams, they appeared to opt to kick, which means the Rams opted to receive in the second half. Now the Cowboys would seem to get the pleasure of kicking off in both halves.

The field microphones reportedly picked up Dak Prescott saying “we want to defer and we’ll kick.” The Cowboys PR team is looking into what might have been a misunderstandig.

If the Cowboys end up having to kick off in both halves, this would seem to just be another nail in Jason Garrett’s coffin. Whoever is the Cowboys coach in 2020 might want to drill the words “defer” and “receive” into his player’s vocabulary.