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Jameis Winston becomes first 30 TD, 30 INT QB on game losing pick-six

Jameis Winston has had a roller-coaster of a season, and Week 17 encapsulated it perfectly. Winston set an NFL record for combined success and futility on the final play of the game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston warms up prior to the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Raymond James Stadium.  Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston sets an auspicious record with his 30th interception of the year, to become the first quarterback to ever throw 30 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions in the same season. His 30th interception came in overtime to Deion Jones and was returned for the winning touchdown. There really isn’t a more fitting ending to Winston’s crazy season.

Winston’s interception numbers have been at the forefront of the news when discussing the Buccaneers this season. He continues to show plenty of ability when not throwing interceptions, as he topped 5,000 yards on the season, and has managed to play well enough for the Buccaneers to possibly give him the franchise tag this offseason.