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Complete list of opponents for the Chicago Bears in 2020

The Bears regressed after a breakout season from Mitchell Trubisky. It’s time to start looking ahead. We have an early look at their 2020 needs and opponents.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears’ middle-of-the-road performance this year doesn’t indicate how good they really are. They have a fearsome group of pass rushers who lead their defense, a wide range of effective pass catchers, and a consistent running attack. Last year’s story centered around Cody Parkey’s unfortunate kicking slump, which led to the infamous double doink that brought an end to Chicago’s season. This year, it’s about Mitchell Trubisky’s quarterbacking.

Trubisky came into his own last season, but has made the masses question whether he is Chicago’s quarterback of the future at times this year because of his inconsistent throwing. The Bears traded up to draft the UNC product at No. 2 overall in 2017, but may be regretting passing on Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. Well, hindsight is 20-20.

Offseason Needs

Rumors suggesting the Bears are considering trading to get a difference maker under center have circulated, but that’s just speculation for now. Cam Newton’s name has been floated around as a potential candidate. Trading or free agency seems like Chicago’s best bet, as it doesn’t appear to be in a position to draft a starter in 2020. However, the Bears should definitely look into to getting a better backup than Chase Daniel.

Trubisky does have dual-threat capabilities, but he needs more protection up front. According to Football Outsiders, only Miami has a higher adjusted sack than the Bears offensive line (10%). Chicago’s offensive line has forked up the sixth-most sacks (44) in the league this year, so there’s plenty room for improvement.

2020 opponents

The 2019 NFL season is coming to a close and while the playoffs are just arriving, it’s time to start looking ahead to 2020. We won’t know the full regular season schedule until April, but even with the 2019 season not finished, we know each team’s list of opponents. The NFL has a formula they use to determine opponents, with divisions and conferences rotating each year.

The Bears face their divisional opponents a total of six times. The NFC North faces the NFC South, which adds four more opponents. The NFC North faces the AFC South, which adds four more opponents. The final two opponents are the teams that finish in the same standing position in the NFC East and NFC West.

Home: Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants

Away: Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons.