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Cowboys lose again and Jason Garrett’s seat has to be getting hotter

At what point will Jerry Jones fire head coach Jason Garrett?

Jason Garrett smiling

UPDATE: After the game, Jerry Jones confirmed Jason Garrett would not be fired this week, according to reporter Charean Williams.

The Dallas Cowboys managed to embarrass themselves on national television for a second straight week. The Bears won 31-24 thanks to an impressive performance from Mitchell Trubisky, improving Chicago to 7-6 and dropping Dallas to 6-7.

The Cowboys scored an opening drive touchdown and looked like they might be ready to make a statement. Unfortunately, they ended up making the wrong statement. The Bears put together 24 unanswered points, serving as an indictment of both the Cowboys offense and defense. Dak Prescott couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn at times, and the defense was picked apart by Mitchell Trubisky on the ground and through the air.

The Cowboys made a modest attempt at a comeback. Dak Prescott finally got them moving in the final few minutes, but ten late points weren’t enough as they ran out of time and could not recover an onside kick.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said a couple times now that he would not make a coaching change during the season. Additionally, Ed Werder reported that a change would not happen “no matter what.” This game would certainly look like a “no matter what” kind of performance.

As bad as things are going for the Cowboys, they still lead the NFC East and have a good chance to win the division. They host the Los Angeles Rams next week, then travel to face the Philadelphia Eagles, and then close at home against Washington. If they lose to the Rams next week and the Eagles win this week vs. the Giants and next week at Washington, Dallas wins the division if they beat Philly in Week 16 and Washington in Week 17. It’s not a perfect situation for the scuffling Cowboys, but the awful NFC East leaves the opportunity there.

Even if the Cowboys win the division, it feels like they would need to win one or two playoff games for Jason Garrett to save his job. You could honestly justify firing him after this loss, but Jones has said he won’t do it. The Cowboys didn’t give up entirely in this game, but they were severely outclassed by a team that I don’t think is as good as Dallas should be.

If the Cowboys fail to win the division, a firing seems certain. If the Cowboys win the division, I guess we’ll have to see what January brings.