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Washington isn’t going to beat the Packers, but if they do....

It takes a lot, but a Washington division title is still possible.

Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins walking during the second half during their game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium on December 01, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The NFC East is a disaster, and there is a decent chance a team will finish .500 or worse to claim the title. The Cowboys and Eagles have the strongest chance to win the division, but surprisingly 3-9 Washington has not been mathematically eliminated from division contention.

Washington was already eliminated from wild card contention, and if the season ended today, they would hold the third pick of the 2020 NFL Draft. And yet, they still technically could win the NFC East.

Washington is a long-shot, but the numbers add up and would really only require one truly unexpected outcome. Washington travels to Lambeau Field this weekend to face the 9-3 Packers. Washington very well could cover the 12.5-point spread, but winning this game is a stretch. Their best hope is Derrius Guice and Adrian Peterson taking advantage of what is an awful Packers run defense. If they can control the clock, maybe they pull off the shocker.

They still would need a lot going right for them the rest of the season, but it’s not entirely out of the realm of the possible for the time being. Here’s what has to happen for Washington to win the NFC East.

Week 14

Washington beats Packers
Giants beat Eagles
Bears beat Cowboys (complete!)

Week 15

Rams beat Cowboys
Washington beats Eagles

Week 16

Washington beats Giants
Eagles beat Cowboys

Week 17

Washington beats Cowboys
Giants beat Eagles