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Quenton Nelson is not pleased Bradley Pinion hit him with a practice punt

Don’t piss off Quenton Nelson.

Colts guard Quenton Nelson confronts Bucs punter Bradley Pinion in pre-game warmups.

Indianapolis Colts guard Quenton Nelson does not seem like the kind of guy you want to anger. In Week 14 pre-game workouts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers punter Bradley Pinion learned that lesson.

Pinion was warming up and according to media on hand hit Pinion in the head with one of his punts. The man called Big Q confronted Pinion and it looks like had to be held back a little bit. A little later, Pinion booted another punt that came close to Nelson, and the Colts guard punted it away in anger.

I imagine Pinion was not intending to hit Nelson with his first punt, but I do wonder if there was a little intention on the second punt. Whatever the case, Nelson is not the kind of guy I’d want to anger. They will never be in a game at the same time barring something really bizarre, so any future revenge will be relegated to pre-game warmups.