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Report: Dana White is convinced Tom Brady to Raiders rumor has legs

Tom Brady’s potential free agency is going to create some crazy stories, and we get our first one.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throws a pass against the Oakland Raiders during an NFL International Series game at Estadio Azteca. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a chance to hit unrestricted free agency in March, and until then, the rumors are going to get crazy. We are off to an amusing start with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White chiming in. Following Conor McGregor’s win over Donald Cerrone, White spoke to Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Adam Hill and told him “[h]e absolutely believes Tom Brady to the LV Raiders has legs.”

Dana White is a promoter, and those kinds of folks are known to exaggerate on occasion. Brady to the Raiders is a rumor that has gained a little bit of traction, but it’s been more out of speculation than based in cold, hard facts.

Brady could still re-sign with the Patriots and end the rumor mill before it can really pick up steam. However, the longer he waits and the more likely it looks like he will test the open market, the more rumors we’ll hear. There are a host of teams that could use Tom Brady on their roster, and most will be looking to at least make their pitch to the soon-to-be free agent quarterback. And given the importance of good PR with the fans, plenty will be willing to leak information about their interest to keep fans engaged heading into March.