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The entire NFC East is occupying the bottom third of Week 7 power rankings

The NFC East is a disaster of a division and it is reflected in power rankings heading into Week 7.

Eagles’ Carson Wentz (11) is sacked by the Ravens’ Calais Campbell (93) during the third quarter Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020, at Lincoln Financial Field. Jerry Habraken via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The NFL has almost closed out Week 5. Normally, Tuesday would mark the turn to the next week, but this week is a little different. Covid-19 resulted in Bills-Titans being moved from Sunday to Tuesday.

That being said, Tuesday is power rankings day! I opened the season with power rankings that used Super Bowl odds and strength of schedule. I moved into a more subjective look a week later, and are continue on with some gut feelings. I’ve kept the Titans and Bills where they were at last week, and will update them following Tuesday’s game.

Each week we take a look at best performers, sleepers, and where we have more questions than answers. It’s specific to this week as opposed to how they’ve done prior, so some weeks the best teams to date will not be showing up in best performers.

Best performers, Week 6

The Steelers made a statement this week in their thumping of the Browns. Cleveland was on a roll, but Pittsburgh put them in their place. Steelers-Ravens is going to be all kinds of fun.

I don’t know that anybody facing the Jets deserves a ton of credit for a win, but the Dolphins put together a complete effort to shut down the woeful New York squad. Miami has a bye this coming week, but then faces the Rams and Cardinals in back-to-back weeks. Maybe then we’ll know more about them.

Sleeper teams, Week 6

The Bears won an ugly won over the Panthers and somehow are 5-1. I still don’t know what to make of Chicago, but they’re in first place in the NFC North. And considering how the rest of the division is playing, they could very well walk away with the division title.

The Broncos impressed in a win over the Patriots and have Drew Lock back. They are slowly getting healthier and are an intriguing team in the expanded wild card race. They’ve got their work cut out for them, but maybe they’re a sleeper.

More questions than answers, Week 6

The NFC East is such a mess. All four teams are in the bottom ten of my power rankings, and yet one of these teams is going to claim a playoff berth. Someone has to win the division and there will be plenty of 7-9 jokes, but can they even get to seven wins?

It’s not like one team is clearly better than the others. They are all atrocious in their own separate ways. The Cowboys without Dak Prescott are a dumpster fire in spite of what Tony Dungy thinks. The Eagles are a mess in part because of injuries and in part because they just can’t get anything going. And those were the two teams expected to lead the way. The Giants and Washington are bad, but it was at least expected. And yet, both are only a game out of first after the Cowboys got thumped on Monday Night Football. Are you kidding me?

And with that, here’s a look at my power rankings as we head into Week 7.

2020 NFL Power Rankings, Week 7

Rk Team Record Diff LW
Rk Team Record Diff LW
1 Seattle Seahawks 5-0 +34 1
2 Kansas City Chiefs 5-1 +48 2
3 Baltimore Ravens 5-1 +75 3
4 Pittsburgh Steelers 5-0 +62 6
5 Tennessee Titans 5-0 +38 11
6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-2 +55 14
7 Buffalo Bills 4-2 -12 5
8 Green Bay Packers 4-1 +23 4
9 Chicago Bears 5-1 +12 17
10 Las Vegas Raiders 3-2 -1 9
11 Arizona Cardinals 4-2 +54 12
12 Los Angeles Rams 4-2 +38 7
13 Cleveland Browns 4-2 -24 8
14 New England Patriots 2-3 -1 10
15 Indianapolis Colts 4-2 +42 13
16 New Orleans Saints 3-2 +3 15
17 Miami Dolphins 3-3 +47 19
18 San Francisco 49ers 3-3 +18 20
19 Detroit Lions 2-3 -10 23
20 Carolina Panthers 3-3 -3 16
21 Denver Broncos 2-3 -10 26
22 Los Angeles Chargers 1-4 -15 22
23 Dallas Cowboys 2-4 -45 18
24 Cincinnati Bengals 1-4-1 -28 24
25 Philadelphia Eagles 1-4-1 -34 25
26 Atlanta Falcons 1-5 -22 29
27 Houston Texans 1-5 -36 27
28 Minnesota Vikings 1-5 -37 21
29 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-5 -56 28
30 New York Giants 1-5 -51 31
31 Washington 1-5 -54 30
32 New York Jets 0-6 -110 32