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DK Metcalf saves a touchdown on Budda Baker interception [VIDEO]

A touchdown saving tackle by DK Metcalf!

The Arizona Cardinals got a huge break in the second quarter of Sunday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks. Cardinals safety Budda Baker read Russell Wilson’s end zone pass perfectly and picked it off. He had a whole lot of field in front of him and seemed set to make a house call.

Enter DK Metcalf!

The Seahawks wide receiver made up at least ten yards in running down Baker from behind. Baker got down inside the Seahawks 10-yard line, but Metcalf ran him down to prevent a touchdown.

It proved particularly huge because the Seahawks defense clamped down on the ensuing Cardinals drive. Arizona turned the ball over on downs in spite of having a goal to go situation. The Seahawks retained their 13-7 lead in spite of what could have been a backbreaking turnover.