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Tom Brady has another senior moment, forgets the NFL’s forward pass rule [VIDEO]

You’d think after 20 years in the league one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history would know how many times you can throw the ball.

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks to pass against the Los Angeles Rams during the second quarter in the game at Raymond James Stadium on November 23, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady threw a pass to himself, and then he threw a pass to Mike Evans. And that would be fine, but not on the same down.

We’d really like to know what the guy many consider The GOAT of the NFL was thinking here. Did he really think referee Jerome Boger wouldn’t see the original toss?

And because the Rams ended up declining the penalty on third down, they both count in the official stats!

Good luck to the stats crew at Raymond James Stadium on this one.

This isn’t the first time the oldest player in the NFL has had a senior moment, as he forgot what down it was in Chicago earlier this year and didn’t realize the game was over. But we’re sure Brady has a lot on his mind, what with his jet skis and dock ending up in Tampa Bay because of a storm everyone knew was coming and him walking into the wrong house to meet his offensive coordinator and get his new playbooks...

Wait a minute: How old is this guy again??